A wireless loudspeaker does not have to be expensive – what about the equipment for … 20 zlotys? Let's check what the Hykker Lava BT offers.

Until recently, the purchase of a wireless loudspeaker using Bluetooth was associated with a considerable expense – we rarely could find devices costing less than 100 zlotys, and those cheaper were available only in Chinese stores. Times, however, have changed – now we can buy speakers in every major electronics store, and their prices are no longer frightening. The best example of this is Hykker Lava BT , which can be found in the Biedronka discount chain at the ultra-low price – PLN 19.99 . Can we expect good sound quality for two nozzles?

Execution for more than 2 dychy

Let's start with the performance – it is really solid for the price . The whole is very well fit, and the grille covering the speaker is stiff and seems to be very solid. The plastic that surrounds the entire structure, which imitates the shape of the title lava, looks spectacular. Of course, there is no lack of a different colored backlight, which, however, puts a lot of pressure on the battery, which is about to happen next.

fot. Hykker

fot. Hykker

There are a lot of important additions on the loudspeaker housing – apart from the on or off button, we also have the keys to control individual modes – playback and talk. In case of an incoming call, we can quickly pick them up from the level of the loudspeaker, which is an unquestionable convenience. The speaker also has a built-in microphone as well as a microSD card reader. The set is completed with USB and microUSB ports and a headphone connector. What can I say – the set of ports and buttons used for navigation is really very wide.

Power and sound better than two dicons

Hykker Lava BT is a loudspeaker that can boast of output power at the level of 3W – it's relatively little, but we must remember that we are dealing with a really small accessory, offering at the same time connectivity with different models using Bluetooth technology: whether it comes for smartphones or mp3 players. The range of the device is 10 meters – not only according to the manufacturer's information, but also in practice (I checked) – we can freely go with the loudspeaker to another room, which is undoubtedly praiseworthy. As you probably expect, the sound offered by this speaker will not suit ferocious audiophiles, but if you're going to take it to outdoor parties, why not? It is worth mentioning really strong basses , which will give advice with dance or techno music. Although the tonal range is not very wide, I got the impression that, above all, the volume and resonance of the sound being emitted is really good, and certainly not harmonizing with the price of this small speaker. Pairing the device with a smartphone or tablet is really easy and lasts only a few seconds – it's not so obvious. We also enjoy the presence of Bluetooth technology in version 4.2 , which will allow you to connect to virtually any equipment using this communication model.

fot. Hykker

fot. Hykker

The battery … well, here is the standard of 20 zlotys

As you probably expect, due to the small size of the Hykker Lava BT loudspeaker in its interior you will not find too big a battery – the cell has a capacity of 300 mAh, which is enough for less than 3 hours of listening . Although I would not like to approach the matter gently, it is undoubtedly not an impressive result. If, however, we decide to use a colored backlight, this time drops to two minutes. It is better to sometimes let go of simple illumination to listen to music for a long time.

Proposal? For 2 dychy it's hard to find a better speaker

However, it is difficult to reach a different conclusion, like the fact that Hykker Lava BT is a really good purchase, especially at the price of PLN 20 . It's vain to look for a better Bluetooth speaker and although it does not offer amazing music, I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised with what Hykker offers in terms of connectivity, capabilities and simplicity of use. If you're looking for a cheap wireless speaker, then go to Biedronka – you will find it in the promotional offer by July 11.