The new iPad Pro with Face ID will probably debut this autumn. How will he look? I am counting on the new concept of this device lifting its hem.

The iPad Pro with Face ID is sure

At the beginning, I have to mention that we did not have any official notification that the iPad Pro with Face ID was sure. However, considering the changes that Apple has implemented in iOS 12, we can assume with a 99% probability that this will happen. It is the first beta of iOS 12 that reveals to us changes that indicate that at least one iPad Pro is waiting for what has happened to the latest iPhone. Tablets will lose the Touch ID button for a new biometric security – Face ID, a three-dimensional face scan of the user. The iPhone X was the first device with the logo of a bitten apple that received this solution. This year, we expect more models of smartphones – this time all of Face ID on board. It's the same with tablets. In iOS 12 the location of the clock and icons in the top bar on the screen is an exact reflection of iOS 11 on the iPhone X. Moreover, even the gestures are identical! The Control Center on the iPad with iOS 12 will be removed from above. The bottom gesture will close the application exactly as for the "top ten".

A beautiful concept of iPad Pro with Face ID

Designer Alvaro Pabesio has prepared a fresh and great concept of iPad Pro with Face ID on board. These are probably the most beautiful renders we have ever seen. The concept assumes a 11.9-inch tablet display that reflects its 10.5-inch iPad Pro with its dimensions. At first glance, look for the Touch ID button. Around the screen there are also quite wide frames! Thanks to them, iPad Pro with Face ID does not have a notch. Designer sailed a bit with fantasy and placed in this type of iPad a dual camera with LED diode lighting with a resolution of 12 megapixels. He would like to see the portrait mode, available on the new iPad. In turn, the back of the tablet is available in a color much darker than Space Gray. It's safe to say that it's a good composition.

Multitasking from a real event on the iPad Pro?

On the iPad, it's hard to find the default Apple Calculator. It's nice if he found himself in the system. That designer came out of this assumption. If the iPad is for students, who else does so many notes and calculations? That's them! What if you had a "floating" calculator at hand, next to the notes? Let's hope that we will have real-life multitasking on the iPad. It could look just like the attached pictures. Source: Alvaro Pabesio