Rumors about a supposed Surface Phone project will appear for several years, but we still do not know if such a device really exists (or existed). Do the director's words to the development of Microsoft's tablets really give a new look at the whole thing?

Surface Phone, however, will rise?

Microsoft is really working on Surface Phone. On June 28, the director of the department dealing with the development of Microsoft tablets added an interesting tweet, which gives a new look at the whole matter. It seems that Microsoft is really preparing the premiere of this device. This is a good sign, because as we all know, Samsung has been working on folding smartphone for a long time. Panos Panay has made it clear that the LG company will be responsible for producing the dual display in the alleged Surface phone. In the picture attached to the tweet, we see a frame and two pictures side by side. This gives us the opportunity to guess how the alleged Surface Phone will look like a tablet after it's unfolded. In my opinion, it is a completely fresh approach to the design of smartphones with a flexible display.

Does Andromeda have anything to do with Surface Phone?

Everything indicates that the project known as Andromeda is really well known to us from the earlier Surface Phone rumors. According to Microsoft's internal documents, the new product will be "… a new portable device from the Surface family that combines both innovative hardware and new software to create a versatile device and new computer experience."

Concept Surface Phone/Fot. David Brayer

Concept Surface Phone/Fot. David Brayer

As you can see, Andromeda will actually be Surface Phonem. It is said that the premiere of the device is to take place at the turn of the third and fourth quarter of this year, while the heart of the device is to be a powerful Snapdragon 1000 , which will offer a lot of computing power. People who know Microsoft's plans say that the premiere of the above-mentioned device will have a similar impact on the development of mobile technologies, like showing the world the first iPhone that took place on January 9, 2007. Will the end of 2018 really be revolutionary? Will we soon see mobile devices on the market that can easily be transformed into a larger tablet? Will the tablets be back to glory again thanks to the new technology? We will probably find answers to these questions at the end of the year. Personally, I can not wait until I can test a similar device. Source: Twitter and TheVerge