The arrival of the Internet in 5G technology is a matter of very near future, which every big player on the smartphone market wants to be ready for. However, Huawei has the biggest desire for leadership in this rate.

5G technology can be a really big leap in terms of internet speed and wireless transmission stability. Speeds can be even several times higher, but achieving such a state of affairs will require many quite expensive investments – operators will have to try to implement completely new solutions, and consumers? Well, we have to wait for the equipment that will simply be able to use 5G, and to the extent that it will not force us to go on a general compromise.

The first smartphones with 5G already next year

As one of the first with this "technological revolution" intends to launch Huawei. During the MWC 2018 trade fair in Shanghai, the head of this group, Eric Xu, announced that the first chips and components that support 5G technology will appear on the market in March 2019. Thus, it can be expected that the premiere of the smartphone using 5G mode for communication should take place already in June 2019.

fot. Huawei

fot. Huawei

There are many indications that this will certainly not be the next year's flagship of this group – these appear much earlier, unless Huawei delays its premiere, which is difficult to count from a business point of view.

Huawei has ambitions, just like the entire industry

It should not be surprising that there will be a smartphone on the market that supports this technology, representing the average price range. This seems to be a good information, because possible problems with its service will be much less severe than in the case of flagship models. Anyway, the coming year promises to be very interesting, because there are many indications that it will pass in terms of many major changes. Starting from the subject of this news, namely the 5G Internet, through new Samsung internal memory, the premiere ARM Cortex cores, on the common use of OLEDs – we can expect a really large number of changes and I am not surprised at the fact that one of their initiators will be Huawei. In the face of pressure from another Chinese giants – Xiaomi – the company simply has to move the fifth gear to maintain one of the top positions. source: phonearena