Instagram has just released a light version of its application for Android devices for testing. This message should please mainly people using older or weaker smartphones, which are no longer able to deal with more and more social apps that are weighing more and more. You can now drop Instagrama from this list.

Instagram is a powerful social media. It has already collected over 1 billion users . Following the blow and searching for new users not only from developing countries, Instagram decided to create a light and more user-friendly less-advanced application. Will this increase in new users exceed the current 5% per quarter ? We will soon find out about this, but the application is being tested in Mexico, and soon it will be available for download from residents of other countries.



Lite means popular

Instagram, like Facebook, belongs to one of the most resource-consuming applications . Lite versions are theoretically intended for devices with weaker parameters, but more and more people use them even in flagship devices. Reason? They take a lot less space in the memory and do not devour the energy of the battery at a volatile pace. Many people also complain about the full version of the application being full of functions that nobody really needs and almost nobody uses.

The restrictions, however, remained

As Instagram Lite weighs only 0.5 MB (it's really very little compared to the basic version, which takes 32MB) also has some limitations. At the beginning, you will not be able to upload movies . Other functions such as sharing (on the board and in relations), reviewing photos, as well as editing with filters are kept. Link to Instagram Lite program: download Source: