Assessing photographic possibilities and choosing the best smartphone for photos is not easy. The DxOMark website enjoys a good reputation, although some have reservations about their independence. How is it really?

When it comes to assessing the photographic possibilities of just presented smartphones, usually our eyes are directed towards DxOMark. You can have reservations about their original algorithm for matrix and optics, but they are still the only such comprehensive ranking. Some also had doubts whether the ratings issued by this portal remain completely independent . I did not really want to believe that a website with such a reputation would risk it for a few (thirty) thousand green notes. Today, the interested person decided to deny these rumors.

DxOMark evaluates honestly

A person from the DxOMark website explicitly admits that the offers of "lifting up" the evaluation of a given device flow to them regularly. According to her, these proposals were not necessarily bribes. They were supposed to result from the misunderstanding of the business model on which this portal is based. DxOMark was, is and is to remain independent.

Google Pixel 2 XL/ fot.

Google Pixel 2 XL/ fot.

The same applies to the proposal to test the device and possible refusal in this matter. It has a simple explanation – "processing capacity". If the service does not agree to test something, it simply does not have a place in the schedule anymore. It seems that we must all accept the fact – if the smartphone receives a high score, it deserves it. I do not know about you, but I buy such a translation. Work in every large office looks similar – in order to test something accurately, and do not publish an opinion after a dozen or so minutes spent with the equipment, it takes time. In my opinion DxOMark is still a reliable source on which to rely.

Where to find the best smartphones for photos?

However, nothing prevents you from verifying one more opinion . On gsmManiak you will find reviews of all the new products that were worth testing. The photographic section is always as extensive as possible. High resolution images are also published so that everyone can assess how the smartphone performs under all lighting conditions. If you are currently looking for the best possible smartphone for mobile photography , you will also find it in our rankings. TOP-10 mobile phones for years have enjoyed unflagging popularity. The camera on the smartphone has become its most important feature for many, and the producers know it. Whose opinion do you target when you choose a smartphone? Are the most important are your own feelings and the ability to test your camera yourself, or is it enough for you to base yourself on reviews? Source: AndroidHeadlines