Microsoft does not intend to abandon the tablet plot – this is confirmed by the latest, though still unofficial information straight from the headquarters of the giant in Redmond, where a new, cheap tablet from the Surface family is allegedly being prepared.

It can not be denied that the recent investment in tablets is an activity that is burdened with a very high risk of failure – the sale of these devices has been steadily declining for several years, and it is very difficult to make money on this business. A few weeks ago, Sony was talking about the great return of the market via the Xperia Z5 Tablet, but eventually the Japanese company withdrew from this idea, officially translating into small earnings from the sale of smartphones, and in practice probably afraid of a spectacular failure.

Microsoft is preparing a new, cheap Surface tablet

What can I say – it is not light. What else, however, Microsoft, which probably wants to attack this plot again with new equipment representing the equipment line called Surface (which is not surprising to anyone). According to preliminary information, the Redmond company is working on a tablet marked Lex , which would probably hit the market this autumn. Very interesting information is the fact that Microsoft targets in a relatively cheap, as for the equipment from the Surface family, a price range . Surface Lex will cost about $ 400, while being a cheaper alternative to the Surface 3 model, which costs about $ 500.

fot. Microsoft

fot. Microsoft

Interestingly, along with the new equipment, it is also expected to debut a new case with a keyboard and a type C USB port with the code name Gibs. The whole looks like an attempt to conquer the educational segment, where there is a growing competition between major producers. Arrears in this matter along with the new, cheap iPad trying to catch up on this matter, and a solid answer to this proposal would be just cheap Surface Lex.

It can work

Well – it seems that if someone still has a chance to appear on the tablet market, it is undoubtedly Microsoft . The success of the Surface family equipment is not accidental, because it is simply really good devices, although not the cheapest ones. An attempt to attack a slightly cheaper shelf can be successful, because firstly – the educational segment is still not properly developed, and secondly – the interest from existing users of Surface devices should also be high. Well, we are waiting for the first official information! source: notebookcheck