If you believe the latest rumors, a major change in iPhones will await you this year, and this year's models will be a transition between the current solution and the future.

iPhone in 2018 with a USB-C cable

A few weeks ago we got rumors about new products that we are supposed to see in a box with this year's iPhone models. If you believe these reports, and even published schemes, in 2018 Apple intends to sell their smartphones with a USB-C cable to Lightning . We will connect them to a 18W charger with an altered shape. Let me just remind you that the current charger, which we find in the box has 5W , while the one in iPads – 12W. There is a 29W charger for the iPad Pro. This means that this year's new (if confirmed) will bring much faster charging of smartphones and tablets. In addition, there will be no need to buy more chargers or adapters. This is great news – especially for MacBook and MacBook Pro users that are only equipped with USB-C ports. I believe that such a solution is very necessary and longed for.

iPhone in 2019 with a USB-C port?

DigiTimes reports that in the next year (most likely) a huge change awaits us. Apple is about to move away from the Lightning port to USB-C . This means that next year's flagpoles will only have a USB-C port. However, can we believe in these reports? This is a question of interpretation. Different services give us a different perspective. Some believe that the new adapter will actually appear, but only in 2019 with the USB-C cable and … Apple will not abandon the Lightning connector. Others, in turn, speak directly about what I mention above. It seems to me, however, that sooner or later – Lightning will be forgotten .

It would not be the first such change

The first iPhone debuted with a 30-pin connector, which initially appeared on iPods. This solution was maintained until 2012, when the company switched to Lightning with the release of the iPhone 5 . There was a lot of controversy around the whole situation, because the change forced us to buy new accessories that would be compatible with the new connector. It seems to me, however, that switching from Lightning to USB-C will be a much simpler solution. Especially that such ports are becoming more and more popular. And since Apple has implemented them in MacBooks, leaving no others, we probably can expect the same in future iPhones. Source: DigiTimes , own study