LG V30 has an interesting promotion, thanks to which its price has dropped to a really reasonable level. This smartphone is a great alternative to LG G7 ThinQ, which is much more expensive. LG V30 at a promotional price is a good choice.

LG V30 is a great smartphone

LG V30 is a successful device, offering a large, narrow-face OLED screen, a waterproof case, a robust camera with an irreplaceable wide angle, a still-strong Snapdragon 835 with 4 GB RAM or great music facilities. If I had to buy a smartphone LG, it would be LG V30, especially if I was looking for some good promotion. Such an offer was prepared by the x-kom store.

Promotion on LG V30

The standard price of the LG V30 in the official Polish distribution is approx. 2600- 2700 zlotys , but in the x-cell promotion, you need to pay 2349 zlotys for the phone. The action is a silver color version. To reduce the price, use the smartphone discount code when ordering. Admittedly, there was an even better promotion on LG V30 once, but buying this phone for PLN 2349 is definitely not going to be a bad decision. This model can and does have a weaker processor than LG G7 ThinQ, but in many ways it is very similar to it. I mean not only the hardware side but also the software side (especially after upgrading to Oreo). In addition, it does not have a meaningless cut in the screen and offers a more roomy battery. So I do not see the point in paying over 1000 zlotys for a newer phone , since the older one equals it in many fields.

Our test LG V30

If you have doubts about the fact that the promotional model is a great alternative to LG G7 ThinQ, then I encourage you to read our review of LG V30: https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/779316/lg-v30-test-recenzja/