Advance sale of smartphones is a phenomenon in itself a bit peculiar, just like any form of buying something that has not yet been able to appear on the market. But to pay for it, to be able to buy a phone? They have not played this yet.

Considering the fact that the smartphone industry has significantly slowed down, and the numbers for many technological concerns are not as satisfactory as for a year or two ago, it seemed to me that the industry would start to seek for the client, not the other way around. Sure, we'll find some bright examples, such as the maximum reduction of margins by Xiaomi, which is reflected in the low prices of their equipment, but the vast majority of major manufacturers after making the right brand simply "goes" on their technological heritage. It seems, however, that the industry is moving towards a rather unexpected absurdity.

Pre-orders – investment far from certainty

To the extent that various pre-sale offers appear on the market, which with real opportunities often have nothing in common . Personally, I am not a fan of any pre-premiere purchases – too often people who have over-trusted the creators of the expected thing are seen to be able to buy something without the first reviews or tests. This happens in the case of smartphones, which is confirmed by even those who had the pleasure to purchase the explosive Galaxy Note 7, this is happening in the gaming industry, where we are regularly covered with titles that do not meet the expectations of the highly pre-premiered. Generally, however, I am able to understand those who decide on pre-premiere orders – producers regularly tempt different discounts, thanks to which buying a smartphone at a special price before the official release of the product to the stores is often much more beneficial than in subsequent promotions. There is a bit of risk in this, but there is a product return or guarantee institution in total. So if the institution of "pre-orders" from the point of view of the client-fan is understandable, so the practice of paying a reservation in the queue for the purchase of a smartphone is already some complete madness.

fot. gizchina

fot. gizchina

Booking fee … places in a virtual queue?

Honor has just announced that he is starting to sell reservations to buy his new device, i.e. Honor Play. The ability to set up in a virtual queue costs $ 16, which will ensure that we get your copy for ownership. Forgive for comparison, but these are practices straight from the commune. The smartphone is not a luxury good enough to be queued for it, and it's a virtual one. Sure, over the years we have seen a variety of beef rolls for cheap sugar or food in discount stores, but Honor Play is not offered at an incredibly promotional price or with some attractive give-aways. It will be available for purchase at an ordinary price, just like that, and if you want to buy it, pay and reserve a seat. Sure – the fee is in the form of a deposit, which will probably be deducted from the price of the smartphone. This is not what this is all about – the very fact that someone demands payment for queuing is absurdly stupid, but it also indicates that customers have taught the smartphone manufacturers themselves that it is not so idiotic. How many times have we heard about the fact that the pre-premiere part of the devices has been sold out within a few seconds, especially for models straight from China. However, I hope that such absurdities in the industry will not be heard too often, because really – it is not serious. source: gizchina