Swedish mobile phone operator Rebtel has debuted on the Polish market, which wants to dominate the market of prepaid services and introduces a brilliant offer that is free.

Rebtel entered Poland – a Swedish mobile telephony operator who chose Wrocław for the start of its services. The operator has prepared a completely free mobile package called Rebtel SIM, which is definitely worth your interest.

Another revolutionary offer since the introduction of #FREEMIUM

https://youtu.be/OG5C0NAgM2g Almost three years ago Virgin Mobile decided to take a very bold step, which was appreciated by users. The operator has introduced #FREEMIUM offer, which includes monthly packets of minutes, text messages and data packages. This offer, however, does not evolve, which is why it is even more pleasing that some other operator, in this case Rebtel, decided on something similar . Rebtel SIM offers users comprehensive telecommunications services . The offer includes:

  • unlimited connections in Poland
  • unlimited text messages in Poland
  • Free international calls to any Rebtel user worldwide
  • 1 GB of 4G mobile data

In addition, as in the case of #FREEMIUM, so in Rebtel SIM users will be able to buy additional packages . In this case, however, they will only be data packets, and their size and prices are as follows:

  • 1GB for 7 zlotys,
  • 5GB for PLN 15,
  • 20GB for PLN 25,
  • 50GB for 35 PLN.

In our SIM card, we offer the best Polish product with unlimited calls, SMSs and a certain number of data per month. And all this for literally PLN 0. We hope that the offer will turn out to be a revolution on the market – says Jonas Lörnell, Head of Rebtel Poland

Free international calls without limits

DSC_8451 Thanks to Rebtel SIM, you can call any Rebtel user anywhere in the world – for free. You do not have to do anything special. With the Rebtel app, you can call for free, just like with regular calls. It is without a doubt a great solution for those who are abroad or have their loved ones.

Do you want to join Rebtel? You must be invited

The operator plans to attract the first 10,000 users in this way. The invitation can be obtained from one of the brand ambassadors or you can fill out the SIM card application yourself on the website of the operator . Know, however, that this is not tantamount to granting it .

What distinguishes us is that our product can not simply be bought. To join the network, we must receive an invitation from one of our ambassadors. For now, we only accept 10,000 customers. We will consider raising this number over time, "explains Lörnell

It is also worth knowing

Rebtel uses the Polkomtel transmitters , and therefore the operator of the Plus mobile network. In addition, her mobile plan is supported by combining VoIP technology with traditional telecommunications technology. The Rebtel SIM service is available without any operator agreements, and you can not buy the device. It has many advantages, as there are no notice periods.