What can I say – we have lived to see each other. Samsung's flagship smartphones from two years ago have just received a long-awaited update by users to the latest version of Android. Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge from Poland (XEO) are already working under the control of Oreo.

The subject of the update has been very heavy lately – all because of the decision of the Dutch court that stated that there are no grounds to require Samsung to update their smartphones in terms of software and security of individual devices. Nevertheless, we were hoping that the standard period of two years from the launch of the device, during which it is properly updated and supported, will be slightly lengthened in the case of the still very popular flagship from two years ago – Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Update to Android Oreo – finally!

Our expectation has finally been rewarded, although unfortunately it was not without perturbation when it comes to updating these two smartphones to a newer version of the Android system, i.e. 8.0 Oreo distribution. Already in February, we informed you that the Galaxy S7 Edge model received an update to the OS 8.0 version of Oreo, but unfortunately it turned out to be a mere mistake. The right moment was to come nearly three weeks ago – then both models actually got updates to the latest Android edition, but it brought more harm and benefit, because users of these models complained about problems with unexpected phone reboots. Two days later, the update was repaired and it started to reach users of these devices in many countries again. Unfortunately, among them lacked Poland, but we can say that this is an outdated problem – our readers (thanks, Patryk!) Have just informed us that the appropriate update for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge goes to the next devices in our country. The update weighs not much, about 1.3 GB, and contains not only the aforementioned new version of Android, that is the 8.0 Oreo distribution, but also the Samsung Experience 9.0 system overlay. What introduces the new Samsung overlay update? It is primarily the new functions and appearance of the Always on Display tool, thanks to which we will be able to display a greater amount of interesting content in a more readable version. There are also shortcuts to the quick access panel and the Samsung keyboard. Of course, the novelties also include optimizing the system performance and the new version of the Samsung Experience package.

May it be possible again without any mistakes …

On the one hand, it is undoubtedly pleased that the upgrade of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models has finally come to fruition, but it must be admitted that the style in which this has been achieved definitely leaves much to be desired . Such perturbations with the introduction of the new system could be the normality for smaller producers, and they happened to the largest player on the market, in the case of one of the most popular smartphones in recent years. It is a pity that Samsung simply did not apply to his duties, because such adventures definitely do not match the nature of a major technology concern, which is undoubtedly created by Samsung. It remains to be hoped that the next updates will go somewhat more efficiently, and users of equipment straight from Korea will not be once again put to the test of patience. Thanks for the information, Patrick!