Formula 1 on mobile devices has a lot of traditions – Codemasters studio knows it, which has just announced the start of work on the latest game in this series.

In recent years in Poland, the topic of Formula 1 was interested only and exclusively its die-hard fans – after several years of Robert Kubica's performances in this elite racing class an accident happened, after which the first Pole behind the wheel of an F1 car had to give up competition. Years of rehabilitation allowed, however, to return to the track, this time, however, as a test driver of the Frank Williams team, unfortunately – one of the weaker in the group. Anyway – the hopes and interest of the fans have been awakened again.

Codemasters is working on F1 Mobile Game

In the meantime, Codemasters was still involved in creating new hits of the F1 series for mobile devices with Android and iOS. The latest one is F1 2016 , after which the "Code Masters" took a rest that lasted nearly three years. It turned out, however, that the company does not intend to fall asleep pears in ash. This development team has just informed about the work on a completely new production, F1 Mobile Game. The title is created in cooperation with the Eden Games studio – PC and console players can associate this developer from the Test Drive Unlimited series, while mobile users can taste their capabilities in the field of car games playing at Gear.Club. In a word – it's a studio that undoubtedly has a lot of experience in this topic. What will we find in the new production of these two developers? Of course – based on the official license – in the game we will be able to meet all teams, cars and drivers who take part in this year's competition on F1 tracks on virtually all over the world. The creators ensure that all elements will be reproduced in accordance with the realities, just like the performance of vehicles. Thus, for example, it will be difficult to distance the Ferrari car behind the wheel of Williams' vehicle.

Screen z F1 2016 / fot. Codemasters

Screen z F1 2016 / fot. Codemasters

Manufacturers also promise a realistic driving model for demanding players , although probably – as in the previous editions – the developers will also serve a special, much simplified control system that will certainly suit Sunday Formula 1 drivers in virtual reality. A huge treat for all players should become multiplayer in real time, which means that we will get the opportunity to race directly with other players during official competitions. To keep your finger on the pulse, the developers will also serve us a whole lot of events accompanying the real competition, so you can expect a regular portion of additional attractions.

In F1 Mobile Game you will create your own car

The developers also boast a very interesting fun module that will become an integral part of the F1 Mobile Game – we talk about the possibility of creating your own F1 car from scratch, choosing the various mechanical components of the vehicle and testing these while driving on the track. Of course, this is only half the battle, because such a car must also look nice – to this end, we use a whole bunch of ready-made elements that we can decorate our impressive design and probably check its possibilities in competition with other players. In fact, I personally see only one threat to this title – this is the free-to-play model used in this game . Until now, the next editions of the F1 mobile series were paid games, but we were sure that spending tens of zlotys at the start we will not be able to withdraw cash from the wallet later. Now the situation may look quite different and it remains to be hoped that the micropayment system used by the creators will be less invasive. We do not know yet when F1 Mobile Games will debut on Google Play and the App Store – it will probably take place in the next few months. source: Codemasters