What do you think about typing passwords during login? Personally, I hate it. What if we do not need to enter passwords soon? Google has an interesting solution.

A new way to login is being prepared

Entering logins and passwords can be cumbersome. Every time I change my smartphone or go to a website from a new computer, I am forced to enter my login and password. Sometimes it happened to me that I simply forgot the access password, which resulted in blocking access to a given page or application. Remembering all this unnecessary information can be annoying and annoying. It seems that Google has a way to do it. In the latest version of Chrome , the giant from Mountain View plans to introduce one, but how helpful functions. Namely, it is about using biometric security to be able to log in to a given website. For me, the idea is brilliant. It is a pity that representatives of the search giant have not come up with this before. Instead of inventing more and more new passwords and numbers, we will be able to log in using a fingerprint scanner, face scanner and iris. Practically every new smartphone coming out of the producer's factory has one of the three above-mentioned safeguards on a good day. If we can unlock the smartphone using a 3D face scanner, which is used, among others, in the iPhone X or Xiaomi Mi 8 or with the help of an ordinary fingerprint scanner, why not use this method to log in to various types of websites and websites? The latest version of Google Chrome will give us this opportunity.

The new way is not so new

Similar functions are offered by Firefox . To log in without having to enter the password manually, all you need to do is to adjust your browser to the WebAunth standard. Login without password also offer Samsung and Motorola in Moto X4. I will not hide that for this feature permanently on my smartphone I have turned Google Chrome into Samsung Internet . Along with the Samsung Pass application, I can easily log in to any website using the fingerprint scanner that my smartphone is equipped with. It is a lot, but it is a much simpler solution than entering data needed for logging every time. Just place your finger on the scanner and boom, after a while I'm logged in. Screenshot_20180602-222918_Samsung Internet By scanning your finger in this way you can have access to various websites, applications and even secure your computer. This is a great thing. I do not have to remember all the passwords and even if I need one I need to start the Samsung Pass and I can check what password I currently have and the login for the given site.

As is often in life, but there is one

The opportunity I am discussing will soon appear in Google Chrome. In order for users to take advantage of this feature, website owners also need to introduce a new solution to their websites . Before we can forget about passwords and logins for good, unfortunately, we must be patient and believe that the new standard will be implemented very quickly into the applications and websites. What do you think about this? Would you be interested in such a method or would you prefer an old, decent solution? Source: Google , BusinessInsider