As we learn from the official announcement on the Huawei website, the website will soon be closed, thanks to which we could easily unlock the bootloader on our phone. When will the service be completely turned off?

The Chinese manufacturer decided to discreetly announce the closure of the site, thanks to which each of the owners of the Huawei device could generate a special code , allowing to unlock the bootloader on our smartphone.

Until when will the service be active? Why is this the end?

For all products presented after May 24, this service will no longer be available. People who already have a Huawei device and would like to take advantage of the possibility of obtaining a code, remain 60 days , after this time it will no longer be possible.

fot. Huawei

fot. Huawei

The manufacturer as the reason for giving up the service gives you the desire to provide a better experience with the use of phones, and to avoid problems that are caused by changing the phone software. The official position seems to be a typical marketing statement. The real reason should probably be found in the fact that there is no interest in the service.

Well, does anyone need an unlocked bootloader today?

Huawei's decision does not seem strange to me. Nowadays, when the Android system has matured properly, it is sufficiently optimized, and the producers through their own overlays provide us with all the necessary facilities and features, most of the users forgot what the bootloader is and what unlocking it is used for. The most ardent fans of Android certainly remember the times, Galaxy S II, or S III, where work on the original system, after a few months required an extremely patient character. Fortunately, even the cheapest offers are able to offer everything you need, and the system does not require any major interference on your part.

Developers will suffer the most …

Unfortunately, but the inability to unlock the bootloader will most affect developers who buy Huawei devices in order to develop their programs. Testing new functions as well as optimizing for speed. It may be possible to find an external way to unlock the bootloader, without the participation of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that Huawei knows what he is doing . Their devices sell, what's better. The percentage of market share in Android is steadily growing. I expect that such a decision will not have any adverse effect on the further sale of the Chinese manufacturer's equipment. source: Huawei