I am browsing the applications that facilitate moving around the city and I choose the most interesting programs for buying tickets for public transport and checking timetables and connections.

How to efficiently move using only public transport (bus, tram or train)? It's simpler than you think. All you need is an irreplaceable smartphone in your pocket. Application developers are well aware of the large demand for this type of information, giving us a few really worth of programs. There is no sense in describing all applications that facilitate the smooth movement of public transport. Instead, I chose the three most interesting and in my opinion the most useful programs .

Skycash – and not a terrible lack of a ticket

Skycash ( Android / iOS ) is undoubtedly one of the most interesting applications on the mobile market. With his help, we are able to do without paper, traditional tickets. Through the mobile application, we can buy bus transport tickets in most Polish cities (the database is constantly updated and all information available on the website www.skycash.pl ). The Skycash app also allows you to buy PKP Intercity , Przewozy Regionalne tickets , as well as local Railways (including Koleje Śląskie, Małopolskie and Świętokrzyskie). Here also the database of carriers is constantly updated. I would also like to point out that in addition to the above-mentioned functions, the program has several other noteworthy options – including you can pay bills, top up your phone, pay for parking, or even buy cinema tickets with the Skycash app. I am very keen on using Skycash features – not looking for a ticket kiosk without losing time in queues . Of course, we can use the application with funds on your account. And here's the note: to use the Skycash application you must set up your profile – the easiest way is via e-mail address or phone number and your unique password. Then you can recharge your account without any problems via the bank or top-up. It's a nice thing that through the application, we can also withdraw cash at Euronet ATMs . What to use the application can be said to be very simple and transparent. The interface is in the tiled version, but very pleasant to the eye and not overloaded with graphics.

mobileMPK – will guide you to the destination and show bus departure times

Another interesting and equally useful application in the urban thicket is undoubtedly the mobileMPK application ( Android ). It can help us in finding a network of connections and checking schedules by line or stop in a given city. As with the previous application, mobileMPK is expanded with new cities in Poland every month. I think that he is an irreplaceable companion in terms of finding connections . How many times it happens that at the bus stop where we wait for a bus or tram there is simply no decay – it is often illegible, damaged or out of date. We do not have this problem with the mobileMPK application. As for the interface and user-friendliness, it can be said that it is very readable and useful. Even people with little experience in using the smartphone will perfectly handle this application. The application is not available for IOS, but here an interesting alternative seems to be an application called jakdojadę.pl.

kiedyprzyjedzie.pl – small but irreplaceable when you do not want to be late

The last application, which in my opinion is worth special attention is kiedyprzyjedzie.pl ( Android ). This program is very poor in appearance, but useful. It gives a very interesting and cool function, i.e. the ability to check what time a given bus leaves . Other applications can do it too – kiedyprzyjedzie.pl does it in real time. And he does it extremely well. The interface is straight to the pain but it's more about usability here. We have the opportunity to group your favorite stops and view them for the next departures . In my opinion, the application is simply ingenious in its simplicity – I actively use it and I can recommend it to anyone who uses public transport. We will not find this application on the IOS platform, but also here we have a quite interesting alternative in the form of a mobile application called myBus online. As in previous cases, applications are constantly updated in terms of the number of cities available.

What else is worth knowing?

The programs presented in this article are to a large extent similar, but also some functions of individual tools complement each other – for example, kiedyprzyjedzie.pl allows you to view departures in real time. In turn, mobileMPK is characterized by a very rich database of timetables covering several dozen Polish cities. Skycash will allow you to get to know the routes of several hundred Polish carriers and buy tickets for the chosen course. With the help of these applications, you will not get lost in the urban jungle and you will manage perfectly well without a car. What applications you, dear readers can you recommend for traveling by public transport and more?