After many years of fighting in court regarding the dispute between Apple and Samsung, the final verdict has come. It turns out that Apple has won. So Samsung must pay the giant Cupertino giant compensation for patent infringement!

Samsung vs. Apple – the fight has finally come to an end

The whole thing happened exactly from April 2011. In 2012, the first verdict appeared, which showed that Samsung, unfortunately, violated three Apple design patents and should pay a sum of $ 1 billion in damages. Koreans, however, canceled and eventually were forced to pay "only" 339 million dollars, but … Samsung continued to appeal and did not pay. The case has never been completed until yesterday.

Samsung has to pay gigantic damages

After several years of fighting in court, the whole case ended yesterday afternoon. The court decided that Samsung violated the company's patents from Cupertino. Therefore, he should pay Apple a total of $ 539 million in compensation . The whole concerned five android smartphones that were sold between 2010 and 2011. Exactly 533,316,606 dollars, the Koreans had to pay for a violation of three design patents and the remaining $ 5,325,050 for a violation of two utility patents. Interestingly, however, CNET informs that during the last trial the Koreans were to agree to pay 5.3 million dollars for the violation of two utility patents. Their other calculations indicated that for the infringement of three design patents, the company should pay only $ 28 million. The Cupertino company came out of another assumption and wanted as much as $ 1.07 billion. The jury finally settled the amount of compensation only half of what Apple wanted.

fot. MacRumors

fot. MacRumors

Apple is happy, but Samsung has its own explanation

After the whole incident, both companies issued appropriate statements. Of course, Apple was happy because the company from the beginning thought that Samsung simply copied their solution. Apple is therefore grateful for the court's decision . What about Samsung? Well, the company can not come to terms with the loss – once again. Not quite able to accept and accept his failure, which is a shame because she actually had the chance for 8 years. And although everyone practically knew how the whole process would end, apparently Samsung was counting on the final finale until the end. Source: CNET , MacRumors , own study