We do not know from today that Xiaomi brand equipment is popular in our country. Such applications were also received by the "violet operator", ie Play, which launched a special section devoted to the devices of this Chinese tycoon on its website.

The opening of the Mi Store in Krakow showed that Xiaomi is a really popular manufacturer in our country and it is hardly surprising – the Chinese offer really decent equipment at very good prices, and at the same time offering the right quality. But although the main activity of Xiaomi is based on smartphones (and as recent sales results in Europe show, this company is going really fantastic), after all this company has a lot of diverse and successful equipment in its portfolio. It would be long to exchange – purifiers, cleaning robots, headphones, video recorders, webcams and gimbals – the scope of Xiaomi's activity is really huge and the popularity of this company was also noticed by one of the largest Polish mobile operators, namely Play.

Smartphones at the forefront

Representatives of the purple operator launched a special section in their online store , which was called "XIAOMI World ". As you probably expect, it will be possible to get a variety of equipment from the Chinese, although of course the main business are smartphones. The offer in this case is not specially developed, because it is included in four models of this brand:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5A
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 SE (available among operators only on Play)

All these devices are available in a variety of subscription options from PLN, but let's focus on their price list with the possibility of sourcing these models off the subscription. And well – as you can probably expect, prices are slightly higher than those found in stores, but very little indeed . We will pay PLN 2999 for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 SE in Play, practically the same as in the most popular Polish stores . In turn, Xiaomi Redmi 5A, which we buy in Play for PLN 439, is cheaper in the network by barely PLN 30-40 . The differences are therefore relatively small.

fot. gsmManiaK.pl

fot. gsmManiaK.pl

Not only smartphones

But Xiaomi World is not just smartphones – we also find several other devices on offer. It is not a very large number, because only six interesting devices, but as Marcin Gruszka, spokesperson of the Play network notes, " For now we're starting (Play – editorial note) , but soon we will add a new wave of products – something on wheels, among other things " . Gruszka also notices one more important thing: " I know that you will find yourself complaining about the price, because you will find them cheaper on alisklepach and the like. Remember that in our case you have 24 months warranty on everything ." And it is the full Polish warranty that can convince many people to buy devices from the official Polish distribution. But let's get back to the topic – what will we find in the XIAOMI World section yet? First of all, it is Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2, which is a very efficient air purifier, although unfortunately noticeably more expensive than the offers we find on the web. In Play, we will pay 699 zlotys for it , while in the network even over 200 zlotys cheaper . But it is worth to look at it for more interesting equipment. An interesting offer is the Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic earbuds for PLN 39, barely 2-3 zlotys more than the shop offers , and at a similar price we will get the Xiaomi Mi Car car charger. Not an extensive set of devices in XIAOMI World completes the selfie stick for PLN 49, headphones Xiaomi Mi Comfort for PLN 199 and Mi Bluetooth Speaker for PLN 229. All the equipment you will find at this address and well – we hope for the soon broadening of the offer and the lowest prices . source: Play