There are more analyst speculations about this year's Apple smartphones. One of them is supposed to be allegedly available in several colors. What?

A colorful iPhone with an LCD screen

Analyst Jun Zhang from Rosenblatt claims that this year the debut of a colorful iPhone with LCD screen is possible . According to him, Apple may want to spice up the portfolio color with his smartphones. This would encourage mainly younger customers. Zhang claims that the new iPhone would appear in blue, yellow and pink . He adds that this is the only way to distinguish a cheaper model from the offer, which will include two additional iPhones with an OLED panel.

Apple has already tried its strength with colorful smartphones

The famous iPhone 5C was the first and so far the only smartphone with the logo of a bitten apple, which was available in several different colors. Why, however, have not we heard more about the color editions of the next models? Well, the answer to this question is very simple . The iPhone 5C was an experiment that turned out to be a failure . His sale was not satisfactory and the smartphone was not successful, which the company from Cupertino was hoping for.

Analysts have been speculating too much lately

I have the impression that many analysts just want to connect to the success of companies, which are actually constantly loud. Apple definitely belongs to this category, because every now and again we hear new rumors about the next smartphones. One should be aware, however, of one fact – we are talking here about speculation . Analysts who do not have a satisfactory story about their predictions sometimes get caught up in an interesting idea. However, if they are based on solid sources, the forwarded notes for investors can have a real reference. It may be as Zhang predicts. Personally, I deeply doubt it. Apple rode on the iPhone 5C and probably will not want to repeat this error. And even if – it's not a plastic case. Perhaps a new color will appear. Nevertheless, it seems to me that we can not count on a repetition of the situation from the past. Apple can not complain about the sale of its smartphones, in the light of the above I do not see the need to force the company to distinguish the cheapest smartphone from the future offer with additional colors. Such a strategy simply may not work. After all, these are just my reflections. Let me know what you think about this possibility in the comments. Do you believe that this rumor can work? Source: 9to5mac , own study