Mobile payments are entering more and more definitely into other objects that we visit frequently and leave big money in them. Orlen is planning to introduce a new system, which is likely to significantly simplify our visit to the gas stations.

If you do not want to, we regularly appear at gas stations – refueling your vehicles is an obligation, although with increasing prices more and more annoying for our portfolio. However, it is impossible to hide that these are some of the objects on which we want to spend as little time as possible, and station operators – going with the times – should provide more and more new ways to pay for fuel. Once again, the largest Polish oil company, Orlen , is trying to develop this idea.

Pay for fuel without a visit at the checkout

In the testing phase there is the Orlen Pay system , which in the assumptions is to allow us to pay for petrol, oil or gas via a mobile application. The system itself is to be really easy to use. After refueling the selected fuel the driver can get into the car, and then – through a dedicated application – quickly pay the bill without having to leave the car and go to the cash registers, which is often associated with the need to queue. This solution is already tested by employees of the service station network, who can already pay the amount through their smartphone. Interestingly, the provision of this method of payment to all customers refueling at Orlen's own gas stations (ie around 1,300 points throughout Poland) is to take place already in the third quarter of 2018 , so relatively soon, because in a few months.

fot. Orlen

fot. Orlen

Mobile payments are big savings

What does this mean for the entire network? As notes, above all, a lot of savings – every customer using the mobile application is finally more time, which the employee can spend on other activities, which he must do anyway. Probably many of you are thinking at the moment that this may bring relief from station employees, but representatives of the group assure that nothing will happen – this is related to the greater customer service caused by the introduction of the rule on Sunday trade. It can not be concealed, either, that thanks to the introduction of its own payment system, Orlen will significantly save on commissions for fees for non-cash transactions and card fees . Of course, in recent months they have been significantly reduced, but considering how many transactions per day they serve stations of this company, the benefits can be really huge. What remains a touchy issue is the attempt to prevent various types of attempts to steal fuel – it can be much easier than with traditional payments, but taking into account the fact that the application is to connect with distributors' automation and cash system, it is certainly still effective the camera system and reading the registration numbers from car plates will work. Catching a potential thief should hardly be a problem.

A repeat from Just Drive is not welcomed

If the pilot is successful, by the end of the year Orlen Pay will work not only on 1,300 own-brand stations, but also an additional 450 franchise points. Thus, Orlen will challenge other fuel networks , which at the moment absolutely say nothing about any attempt to implement mobile payments. However, this seems to be unavoidable, but on the other hand – it is a bit surprising that Orlen is approaching this topic so readily considering that he has recently resigned himself from another, very similar solution. And the speech about the Just Drive application, which after only two days of presence at the stations of this group disappeared from the list of official payments , although it worked very well and offered customers various benefits in the form of even discounts on fuel. The decision to withdraw Just Drive was very controversial, but maybe it's just the confusion and big claims from the drivers that caused the biggest Polish fuel company to take seriously the matter again? May this time be a much more successful operation. source: