Welcome to our new series of publications: manic Messages, which will serve for you every day around 20:00. Today, you might have already read in our portal about such events as the update to Android 4.1.2 SGS2, we informed you about the specifications of the HTC One and together we wondered about whether subscriptions in Poland can be considered attractive. But this is not the end of interesting information today. Feel free to read.

Lumii users recommend their favorite smartphones

Nokia Lumia 920 / Photo by manufacturer

I myself was a witness at least a few times. One of my good friends for anything in the world his Lumii 820 would not change to another phone, praising its uncomplicated handling and an interesting design. When Windows Phone debut, is usually met in turn with the opinions of a little conservative. "At the beginning of poorly right now." Currently, as many as 45 percent of Nokia phone users praise your headphones. 40 percent of them use just the Windows Phone-based Lumii what is already a clear end Symbian (and you?). The survey was conducted with YouGov analysts:
Nokia will come out of the woods. The Finnish brand is respected for the mobile market, especially in the field of smartphones, many models Lumii allows holders of the first 6xx and 7xx to exchange the device, while maintaining a similar, user-friendly system. All the time, however, remain far behind Apple and Samsung (…)

Gates criticizes Microsoft

Bill Gates / photo ToddABishop, Flickr

It all started during the AMA on Reddicie, where Bill Gates was asked about the situation and past Microsoft's mobile market. With his characteristic candor founder answer:
Do not miss a cell phone, but we did not do enough to become a leader in the market. Yes, it was a mistake.

Gates talked about Windows Mobile, which is a challenge on iOS and Android did not have an early opportunity. Complicated, convoluted and completely unfriendly service interface were the main reasons for the reluctance of users. I know, because I had such a phone. I was not happy. There is salvation for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, which – as I wrote above – is becoming more favorable opinions. Intensive marketing and strong partners such as Nokia and HTC can still change the course of things. You just have to wait.

510 pounds for HTC One in the UK

HTC One / Photo by manufacturer

2500 gold in the direct conversion you will need to pay for the latest Taiwanese handset manufacturer. Price appeared in the store Clove , where the smartphone will be available without a contract with any operator. Compared to other flagowców is a very good suggestion – iPhone 5 costs £ 529 for both the weakest version. With 32 gigabytes you have to pay 599 GBP.

HTC One is based on the Quad-Core Snapdragon 600, Adreno 320 graphics, two gigabytes of RAM and 4.7-inch Full HD display with pixel density insane.

Apple released iOS version 6.1.2

Photo by manufacturer

In contrast to the last update, 6.1.2 is not directly related to phone calls or SMSami. To small changes in the Exchange service, which could be the cause of increased network activity and – thus – krószego the life of your battery. install or update iUrządzenia directly or through iTunes. Graphics: Orlando Florin Rosu, Fotolia.com, techManiaK.pl