Apple does not bite and starts to remove apps from the App Store that transfer user data to other sites. In addition, iOS 11.4 will introduce a new security feature.

Another purges in the App Store

It turns out that Apple has begun to pursue another purge in its App Store in recent days. The Cupertino group decided to throw away programs that transmit location data to other entities without the user's knowledge of such activity. Apple informs the developers of the application that their programs violate the requirements for the distribution of applications in the store. The regulations prohibit the provision of this type of information without the consent and knowledge of the user. The company started to look at programs in this area mainly due to the entry into force of the GDPR in the EU. What exactly does the company expect? It is worth explaining. Apple does not ask developers to display information asking for permission to collect this type of data. The company wants to have accurate and understandable explanations for the user, in which the whole situation will be presented, i.e. what happens to the collected data or where they are wandering. It is worth emphasizing, however, that Apple just does not agree to sending this data to other entities . Especially if it does not improve the use of the application that will collect such data or accessories connected to it.

iOS 11.4 will bring new security

Apple pays special attention to the privacy of users. The latest changes in this aspect appeared in iOS 11.3. Two days ago, Apple released the fourth, test version of the upcoming release of iOS 11.4 . Additional security features for mobile devices have also been noticed. It turns out that Apple has another idea to protect access to iOS devices. This time, we are talking about restricting access to the Lightning port . The function locked in the system will be started after seven days from the last time the device was unlocked. What does this mean in practice? If you do not unlock your iPhone or iPad for a week, you will not be able to synchronize data between these devices and other hardware. Only the charging of a smartphone or tablet will be available. When the user enters the device unblocking code, the Lightning port will also be unlocked. What is important – the device will not inform in any way that the port has been blocked. Data about this action should be stored only in the system's memory. Therefore, it is safe to assume that iOS 11.4 will provide protection against devices such as GreyKey or similar solutions that aim to gain access to data by hacking the device. This is definitely good information for users, but undoubtedly another problem for the services and companies that live from searching for unusual ways and options for unlocking Apple smartphones and tablets. Source: 9to5mac , Elcomsoft , own study