Lenovo's Vice President, Lenovo Chang Cheng, has posted a mysterious picture on Weibo's website suggesting that their latest frameless will have a screen occupying up to 95% of the smartphone area.

Along with the picture Cheng asked the question of how much space occupies the screen of this smartphone. The answers are: a) 80-84%, b) 85-89%, c) 90-94%, or d) 95%. It seems that the correct answer may be the last one.

Of course, achieving such a large ratio of the screen to the surface of the screen could not take place without some compromises. It is not clear what the front camera, fingerprint reader or speakers are. Maybe Lenovo will use similar solutions to those known from Vivo Apex. In the case of that device, the reader and sensors hit the screen, the selfie camera is pulled out, and the speakers replaced the technology of sound generation by screen shake. Recall that Vivo Apex can boast a screen-to-body ratio of 91%. This would mean that Lenovo would become a new record holder . Would it be the maximum, time will show.

There is no note!

Some people love bezramkowce, others hate too little expressive design and bullying. Although I am a fan of Sony smartphones, which still have "airports" on and under the screen, I do not mind framers. But only if they are made with your head. The notch in the screen is, in my opinion, the worst trend in the mobile industry of the last decade. The so-called. "notch" not only looks terrible, but also gives absolutely no use value. This solution exists only to artificially inflate the aspect ratio of the screen to the front panel. And creating it so that it could later be masked (as LG did) is so absurd that even members of the Monty Python group would not invent it.

Część nowego bezramkowca Lenovo

Część nowego bezramkowca Lenovo

Fortunately, there are also producers such as the mentioned Vivo, or just Lenovo. It looks like their next flagship will not have "monobrus" . Let other producers follow this lead and notch sooner hit the dustbin of history.

In addition to the screen and partial appearance (we do not know what the bottom of the device looks like), neither the specifications nor the price are known. It is very likely to use Snapdragon 845. The premiere will probably take place on June 14 .

And how do you rate the appearance (and in fact its part) of this smartphone? Do you think that with such small frames it is possible to use it comfortably? Or maybe you regret not having an indention in the screen?

Source: Weibo