The iOS 12 update has not yet appeared on the market, and we already have information about the changes and new developments to be expected in iOS 13. Here are a handful of fresh reports.

iOS 11 broke down more than thought

iOS 10 was a really good system. Apple introduced a lot of changes and new features in it, which eventually appealed to old and new users of the equipment with the logo of a bitten apple. It all reflected in the statistics for downloading the update. Adaptation of iOS 10 was one of the highest in history. Meanwhile, in the case of iOS 11, which appeared in the previous year, the situation looked completely different. The final and supposedly "stable" edition turned out to be full of errors. Apple successively seemed smaller corrections in the following weeks. So far, over 10 such updates have been published so far. We had iOS 11.1 / 2/3 and soon expect iOS 11.4. The system grew in popularity, but its adaptation was not as fast and high as "tens".

iOS 12 without major changes, but are you sure?

It turns out that the existing problem with underfilled software was noticed by the producer himself. We have repeatedly reported on reports of implemented changes in the way employees work. Apple has also decided to change the schedule of work on subsequent versions of iOS. Some of the important changes have been postponed to next editions, which will not appear until next year. All because the company wants to focus on refining the current software. Introducing new functionalities does not help in finding or fixing errors that have occurred so far in the software. Fortunately, Apple noticed the problem and decided to change its approach, focusing more on optimization than new products . We can see the first effects of changes in June, during the WWDC 2018 conference.

iOS 13 with a new design … especially for the iPad

Some time ago we learned that iOS 13 would bring changes in the system's appearance. These were very general statements. At this moment, we know a bit more details on this subject. Mark Gurman on his Twitter profile mentioned that the code name iOS 13 is Yukon . Changes to iOS 13 will be again … the most important for iPad. In iOS 13 there will be mainly support for cards in applications or support for two windows of one application side by side on the screen. In addition, the recently introduced app Files will be thoroughly rebuilt. The Apple Pencil itself will also be better integrated with the system and the digital pencil will gain new possibilities. In iOS 13, the initial screen will also be refreshed, however the changes in this area will be more oriented towards the iPad than the iPhone. After all, it will look a bit different on both devices . At the moment, we do not know too many details on this issue, but I am sure that by the end of this year we will learn much more. Source: Mark Gurman, own study