Face ID was undoubtedly a solution that Apple believes will drive the sale of the iPhone X. For now, however, it drives work for factories that have to place replacement copies of this model.

We all remember the Apple conference, which presented the latest smartphone model of this brand – the iPhone X. At that time, one of the main attractions was Face ID – a tool by which anyone using Cupertino company equipment equipped with a special biometric sensor placed in the front camera could unlock the smartphone presenting your face. Of course, many industry enthusiasts did not fully share the opinion of Tim Cook about the alleged "technological breakthrough", but the fact is that it was an element of the new iPhone, which aroused much excitement.

Face ID with problems

It turned out, however, that so far we are dealing with technology that is definitely not without flaws – we have repeatedly informed you about the trouble-free attempt to unlock the iPhone X by people who are not the actual owners of this equipment. And so a user of this equipment from China claimed that her friend, even after exchanging a smartphone, is able to unlock her phone without any problem, and the Vietnamese company has created a special mask that allows you to unlock the equipment to any person. But this is not the end – the smartphone was able to unlock the son of a woman, which is undoubtedly quite anomaly. Although the solution itself is really interesting and will certainly soon become a standard in the context of protecting access to your equipment, so far technology simply needs to be properly refined. This shows the latest wave of Face ID problems. It turns out that in some iPhones X this solution does not work properly due to problems with support … back camera. You ask – what does Face ID have in common with the main matrix? This is a very good question, and probably Apple does not know exactly where the problems came from. According to unofficial information, the element of the front webcam to scan the face is connected to a telephoto lens placed on the back of the device, which can cause problems in the event of damage to one of the components of the duo.

fot. Apple

fot. Apple

Repair or replacement

Anyone who encounters such problems is invited to send their equipment to the nearest authorized Apple product repair point – their employees are required to perform a short test to answer the question whether the replacement of the main camera is enough for the face to be scanned without the slightest disturbance. If not, the emergency variant is included in the game. And this is, of course, the exchange of damaged smartphones to completely new copies – such a message appeared in the content of the advertisement sent by Apple to the official partners. Unfortunately, we do not know how large the scale of this problem is and how many devices have been affected by this rather peculiar technical problem, but the problem is the most common and judging by discussions on Reddit , it arouses interest.

More and more frequent problems

This is not the first hardware problem on the part of Apple in the last days – last week there appeared on the network information that a solid portion of iPhone 7 is struggling with the problem of non-functioning microphones and in this case the process of repairing or replacing individual models for new ones was ordered. So it looks like we are witnessing a not very successful Apple streak – probably there is no reason to panic, but further problems with the functioning of Face ID show that this wide-ranging revolution, which the Cupertino company promised, will probably have to be postponed. At least until the release of another smartphone from this company with full face recognition. source: gsmarena