RFBenchmark has published a report for the first quarter of this year on the quality and speed of mobile internet in the Old Continent.

Recently, the Office of Electronic Communications conducted an analysis of mobile internet in our country, which showed that Orange Polska has the cheapest mobile Internet, and a 1GB data packet is the cheapest in T-Mobile. Now the time has come for a report on the quality and speed of mobile internet in Europe in the first quarter of this year, which has been prepared by RFBenchmark.

What did RFBenchmark check and what was in the previous quarter?

RFBenchmark looked at the speed of mobile Internet in Europe in the first quarter of this year . The specialists also made a comparative analysis with the previous quarter on the Old Continent. In the last quarter of last year, the highest rates of data collection can be seen in the following countries: Croatia (22.4 Mb / s) , Austria (21.6 Mb / s) and France (20.4 Mb / s). Austria also offered the highest data rate (11.7 Mb / s). The Netherlands was ranked second (11.0 Mb / s), followed by Georgia (10.02 Mb / s).

The lowest ping value was recorded by the inhabitants of the countries of North-Eastern Europe. In Estonia, the ping value was 28 ms, followed by Latvia (39 ms) and Finland (44 ms). report

In 1Q2018 the fastest mobile transfer (download) was recorded in …

pobieranie danych According to the latest report, the same countries as in the previous quarter are still distinguished by all countries from the Old Continent. However, the order has changed, because currently the leader's jersey was taken by France with an average download speed of 20.6 Mb / s . Croatia came second with a score of 20.4 Mb / s, followed by Austria with a score of 20.2 Mb / s. However, the lowest data download speed was recorded in Ukraine – just 4.98 Mb / s. It is not better in Macedonia (7.5 Mb / s) and Belarus (9.2 Mb / s). In Poland, we should not have reasons to complain , because in the first quarter of this year the average speed of downloading data using mobile internet was 18.2 Mb / s. This is a very decent result, and what is even more important, we noted an increase in the transfer rate, because in the fourth quarter of 2017, we collected data at an average speed of 16.4 Mb / s. In addition, we are better than Spain, Italy, Denmark or Germany.

Sending data is the fastest in …

wysyłnie danych It turns out that in Austria the inhabitants of Austria (10.9 Mb / s) send the most quickly. In the second place is the Netherlands with a score of 10.5 Mb / s, followed by Spain – 9.84 Mb / s. It is worth mentioning that in Q4'07, Austria was also a leader, although the speed of sending data in the current quarter is lower by 0.8 Mb / s. Although we are doing worse with sending data than the top leaders, as well as Germany and Great Britain, we should not have significant reasons to complain. The average transfer amounts to 7.56 Mb / s . It is therefore much better than in Montenegro – 2.0 Mb / s, Macedonia – 2.1 Mb / s in Ukraine – 2.41 Mb / s.

How has RFBenchmark collected all this data?

RFBenchmark collects data using the SPEED TEST 4G LTE 3G MAP QoS application , which is available on Android devices as well as iOS. Thanks to it, they monitor the basic parameters of the cellular network – among others, the level and quality of the signal, information about the mobile network operator or the country where the smartphone is located. In addition, on-demand measurements are made of the internet speed when downloading and sending data, as well as a delay test.

A word at the end

As you can see, the Polish mobile Internet compared to the countries from the Old Continent is not bad . What's more, it is at a good level – it is, of course, due to the continuous investments undertaken by the largest operators on the Polish market. We are still a developing country in this matter. >>> Read the full report