There is no doubt that over the past years, the iPad has gained more and more functionality of the MacBook. According to Cook, however, we can not count on the emergence of hybrids on both devices.

MacBook and iPad perform their roles separately

When Apple's educational conference took place in Chicago and new iPads were presented, the company's chief executive Tim Cook also gave an interview to Peter Wells from The Sydney Morning Herald. We learned some interesting issues from him. The CEO was asked about hybrids. We know very well that Microsoft sells devices from the Surface line, which are a combination of a tablet and a laptop. Cook and Apple do not believe in such a strategy. According to the boss, both devices fulfill their roles and combining them would involve many compromises. Both MacBook and iPad work great in the tasks they have been prepared for. Meanwhile, the created hybrids (after combining these devices) would involve concessions that many users simply do not want.

Hybrid could bring benefits for the company, but not for users

Cook added that "at the end of the day" the creation of a hybrid could make the company work more efficiently . He claims, however, that this is not the point. Give people the things they can use and make them change the world or express their passion and creativity. We will also learn from the interview that Cook uses Mac at work, although he is already using the iPad at home and on the move.

So what about the Marzipan project?

This is a good question, which will be known only in the future. So far, there have been rumors that Apple would work on the Marzipan project . The result of the works would be the ability to run applications prepared for the iOS platform directly on the Mac. Programs would be operated with a mouse, keyboard and trackpad. It is possible, however, that the target is also more technical aspects of the application. Nevertheless, many people suggested the possibility of creating a hybrid in this respect. Apparently, one should take into account the slightly different approach of Apple, which the head of the company clearly explained. Source: SMH