Flexible On Card is the latest offer prepared by the Plus network, with a view to prepaid users. It's worth taking a closer look at her when she offers a lot of internet packages after recharging.

You can see that the battle on the market of pre-paid offers continues. Recently I informed you about the changes in the Virgin Mobile offer, as well as Orange Polska. Now the time has come for Plus, which introduced a flexible offer on the card . So what can you expect?

Flexible On Card – details of the offer

Flexible On Card has been designed so that it does not contain a data package. This is because mobile internet packages are awarded after each top-up . Thus, top-up funds can be used for other services. Depending on the amount of top-up for free, you can receive from 100 MB (valid for 5 days) up to 100 GB , if you decide to top up in the amount of PLN 200. Such a package is valid for 180 days, so it is worth investing such an amount once. I think, however, that a better choice for most of you will be a top-up of 25 PLN, because then Plus will grant you 10 GB for transfer – the package is valid for 30 days. Regardless of the top-up amount, Plus also grants free transfer to Plus Music and IPLA. However, all those who will top up their account for a minimum of PLN 25 will also receive a free transfer to Facebook, Messenger and Viber. The full list of top-ups and bonus internet packages can be found in the graphics below. Plus elastyczna internet

The man lives not on the Internet

And Plus knows it very well, which is why two sets of services have been prepared, which are valid for 30 days from the moment of inclusion. The first one is addressed to everyone who communicates primarily through voice calls. The package costs PLN 20 and includes unlimited voice calls to all networks . Text and multimedia messages are paid – PLN 0.10 a share. In the event of topping up for PLN 20, you will receive a 4GB internet packet, valid for 20 days. plus elastyczna pakiety Choosing a 25 PLN package, you will get unlimited voice calls to all networks, as well as unlimited SMSs and MMSs to all . It is therefore a package for those who value freedom in terms of communication. You also get 10GB of internet for top-up in the previously mentioned amount. In addition, the customer may turn on one of the following services for free: Account's expiration year or Always unlimited with everyone on Plus .

The new offer also includes new starters and even more internet

With the introduction of the new offer, the operator also introduced changes to the starters. When you buy a starter for PLN 5, the customer receives 6 GB for the start. If you decide to buy a starter for PLN 15, you can count on a packet of data about the size of 30 GB and another 30 GB a year after topping up for PLN 30.