Returning to a smartphone with a 16: 9 screen turned out to be a nightmare. Why in my opinion a smartphone with a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and a diagonal of about 6 inches is a much better idea? Why would I prefer to buy a smartphone for around PLN 1000 instead of a flagship?

Recently I had the pleasure of testing two smartphones from a Chinese manufacturer, which were equipped with screens 18: 9. I mean Huawei P20 Lite and Huawei P Smart. Although both present a completely different design approach (rounded corners in P20 Lite and notch versus a rectangular screen in P Smart), after returning to my Huawei P10 I have no doubt – my next smartphone will be a frameless one.

Thin frames mean a larger work space

Until now, over the so-called "frameless revolution" , I have been on the agenda without any special interest. Ot, another reason to press even larger screens. My impressions were similar at every visit to the electromechanic. I took each one of them in my hand and did not have the impression that his purchase would in any way increase my work comfort. Every day the most important point of the smartphone's specification is its screen. So far, I thought that 5.1 inches in P10 is a sufficiently diagonal enough to create and edit text comfortably. How wrong I was … Several weeks of tests of the above mentioned smartphones from this manufacturer allowed me to state that the return to standard proportions is a nightmare . I write this with full responsibility, because in a block of similar sizes I get a smaller screen – you can see it in the picture below.

Huawei P10, Huawei P20 Lite i Huawei P Smart/fot.

Huawei P10, Huawei P20 Lite i Huawei P Smart/fot.

My job is mainly about writing – sometimes also from a smartphone. The higher screen allows you to display more content above the keyboard, which in turn translates into a significantly greater comfort of work. Previously, the split screen mode, allowing the use of two applications at once, did not use at all. Now it's everyday life for me. There is still a matter of notch . Basically, I do not have an opinion about him at the moment. When I used the P20 Lite, it did not bother me completely. When I switched to Huawei P Smart, I did not notice its lack. This is one of those elements that should now be accepted as part of the evolution – until the front camera in smartphones is located somewhere else, let it be in the cutout in the screen, rather than take up space on the bottom beam.

The reader in the back is not so bad …

If there is someone here who reads my texts on a daily basis, then I am sure that I am a staunch opponent of a fingerprint reader other than at the front. After the tests, my aversion decreased somewhat. With very large screens, the scanner on the back has the advantage of not bending the thumb. It could cause the smartphone to fall out of our hands if it is badly balanced – at least from mine. However, the hell did not manage to freeze – let the reader quickly be under the surface of the screen. I am connected to this one more issue, which I discussed in greater detail in the entry about gestures in Android P. The reason why I like the physical reader on the front in P10 are the gestures. In P20 Lite and in P Smart all time I was irritated by the buttons displayed on the screen – they should disappear as soon as possible. Just like the lower beam (affectionately called a goatee). If the smartphone does not have a front scanner at the moment, the goalkeeper is a design failure.

Which smartphone would I like to buy?

More than half a year spent with the Huawei P10 made me realize that I am not a target for flagships . I respect my money, and spending at least PLN 3,000 seems to be pure madness at the moment. I'm not saying that it will be a bad option for everyone – I just do not have such needs. A good camera? Come on, middle-class photographers are doing that with more than enough. Pictures after dark? For six months, I've made three of them … I'm currently thinking about switching to a new device. But how did he write that he respects money and that he wants to exchange the phone for half a year? Exactly so, although it is not just a whim. If something serves me to work, and thus to earn money, let it meet my requirements, even if it involves frequent exchanges. I would not have a problem replacing the P10 on the Huawei P Smart – although of course this is only one of the options for reasonable money. In my opinion, it is best now to buy a smartphone for around PLN 1,000. In my taste, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus fits the most. For a long time I have been proclaiming to all and sunday that the Snapdragon 625 is a completely sufficient processor , even if someone is looking for a smartphone for games. It seems to be necessary for me to finally equip myself in the same way – maybe I will change my mind. I'm talking so strongly to the flagmen … maybe someday.