Your iPhone has an unexpected failure and you have lost important data? You do not have access to photos, notes, contacts or messages and you do not know what to do? Try to recover data from the iPhone using iMyFone D-Back.

Imagine that you suddenly lose all data from your iPhone. What's more, you forgot to make a backup in time. Alternatively, you have been cautious and have backup, but you do not need the entire copy, because you're only interested in its fragment. For example, recovering one conversation from the messenger, without having to restore the entire system.

How do I recover data from the iPhone?

The solution for those who are interested in recovering only certain files (or everything because they do not have a backup copy) is the iMyFone D-Back software. Not all users of Jabłuszka are aware that deleted files that have not been overwritten still remain on the device and can be recovered. Thanks to this, it is possible to restore text messages, photos, notes, contacts and conversations from messengers. Let's start with the fact that this application is able to cope with the recovery of data from the iPhone . To do this, it is also necessary to have a computer, but there are no restrictions – both macOS and Windows are supported.

Fot. iMyFone Technology

Fot. iMyFone Technology

The software supports 22 different file formats that can be recovered from iOS devices on board. It does not matter if you accidentally deleted something, or if the error caused a loss of data. The software is not difficult to use and offers several operating modes. If you do not know which option to use, use Smart Recovery. And vice versa – if you know exactly what you need, reach for Recover from iOS Device. The last option is to recover data from iTunes and iCloud. Curiosity: it does not matter if the failure caused an unstable system, you only see black on the screen or you fell into a bootloop loop. iMyFone D-Back works in every situation. He can also fix errors during the installation of the system . How can I recover data quickly and conveniently?

Smart Recovery mode in iMyFone D-Back

If everything is shattered, and you do not know how to get to recovery, then it's wisest to use the Smart Recovery mode. Below we present a simple guide on how to do it in a few steps.

  1. In the menu on the right, select the Smart Recovery option. If you have not connected your iOS device so far, it's high time to do it.
  2. When you're ready, select the Start option. You can selectively choose which data to recover. Of course, you can also recover all.
    Fot. iMyFone Technology

    Fot. iMyFone Technology

  3. Press Next when you decide what files you want to recover.
  4. At this point, you will be asked to choose the reason you lost your data. The program offers 5 most likely scenarios.
    Fot. iMyFone Technology

    Fot. iMyFone Technology

  5. The device will now be scanned for the files you want to recover.
  6. After selecting the files and the location where you want to recover, press Recover. Finished.

How much does the iMyFone D-Back cost?

At the end of time, write a few words about prices. At the beginning you can take advantage of the free trial version, which will however only serve as a guide to the operation of the software – using it you will not be able to recover data. As usually in such cases, it is necessary to purchase a full license . The cheapest option costs $ 50 and within it you will be able to use the program to recover data from one device. The advantage is that once purchased, the license is not limited in time. If you want to take care of the possibility of recovering data for several people (eg for the whole family) you can reach for Family or Multi-User packages ( respectively 70 and 90 dollars ). For companies, the best business offer for $ 370 seems to be the best – it allows you to recover data for an unlimited number of devices. It's a big investment, but you have to remember that lost data is sometimes worth much more. The article was created in cooperation with iMyFone Technology