UKE has prepared an analysis of the prices of mobile Internet access services in Poland. It is worth getting acquainted with this report. Which operator has the cheapest internet for a smartphone?

The Office of Electronic Communications conducted an analysis of mobile internet in our country , which shows that Orange Polska has the cheapest mobile Internet, and a 1GB data packet is the cheapest in T-Mobile. We also learn from the report some other interesting information.

What basically checked UKE?

UKE has targeted the subscription offers for mobile internet intended for individual and business customers, which were purchased in a package with a modem or router. The Office of Electronic Communications counted the average monthly cost incurred by the user and the actual cost for 1GB of data transfer. In addition, a price comparison was made in 2018 with prices in force in 2014.

What parameters were taken into account?

UKE focused exclusively on offers addressed to a new customer who does not have a different number yet with the operator, and therefore can not take advantage of the discount. In addition, services sold in a package, offers with equipment other than a USB modem or router were excluded. However, discounts and rebates reducing costs that were in force at the time of the analysis were taken into account. UKE has taken the following providers of mobile internet services under the microscope:

  • P4 Sp. z oo, the Play brand;
  • Polkomtel Sp. z oo, the Plus brand;
  • T-Mobile Polska SA, the T-Mobile brand;
  • Orange Polska SA, the Orange brand;
  • Cyfrowy Polsat SA, the Cyfrowy Polsat brand

So it's time for mobile internet costs

UKE UKE calculated the average monthly cost of using the service, and therefore the sum of all costs incurred by the client during the service period, which was divided by the number of months of commitment. After making these calculations, it turns out that Orange Polska has the lowest average cost of using mobile Internet services for individual clients. The most expensive (in the case of minimum costs) is in Play. The difference between these offers amounts to PLN 20.84 . With the average monthly commitment, the orange offer is still the best , while the most expensive operator is Plus. Right behind him Cyfrowy Polsat, T-Mobile and Play. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the most diversified offer in 2018 can be found in Cyfrowy Polsat and the upside . In the case of both operators, the difference between the highest and the lowest rate was around PLN 55. Average expenses for the mobile Internet service were at the level of PLN 43.99 (Orange) to PLN 62.41 (Plus).

The minimum effective cost for 1 GB

The minimum effective cost for 1 GB is the sum of all costs incurred by the subscriber during the period of using the service on a monthly basis, divided by the monthly number of GB of transfer available in a given offer. UKE_2 With such assumptions, it turns out that the cheapest one gigabyte of data transfer in 2018 offers T-Mobile . It is suddenly PLN 0.08. The highest rate, however, is at the level of PLN 2.08 – as much as Orange Poland wanted. Orange Polska has the most diversified offer in terms of the effective cost of 1GB – the difference between the minimum and the maximum effective cost of 1GB is PLN 1.88. This is because subscribers had to pay from PLN 0.20 to PLN 2.08 for 1 GB of data.

What else do you read in the UKE report?

It is worth adding that the cost of activating mobile Internet access ranged from PLN 8 to PLN 49.99 . For activating this service in the audited period, it was necessary to pay an average of PLN 22.89. As for the prices for the subscription in the promotion, they were on the level from PLN 9.99 to PLN 89.99. Thus, the average cost resulting from subscription fees was approximately PLN 49.98. In addition, the report includes summaries of subscription offers depending on the data packages to be granted . Offers included with a limit of 50GB, with a limit of 50 GB (inclusive) to 100 GB, and with a limit of more than 100 GB (inclusive). Average prices as well as the effective cost for 1 GB were also calculated for these offers. >>> Here you will find a full UKE report