Replacing the screen on the unauthorized iPhone 8, controlled by iOS 11.3 may end up being very unsuccessful. It's better to think twice about such a decision.

A non-original screen in the iPhone 8 breaks the smartphone

It seems that users who have decided to replace the screen in the iPhone 8 in an unauthorized service after installing the iOS 11.3 software may have a problem. There are voices that in this case – the display simply stops working. What can this problem cause? There are many indications that unauthorized sites may have failed to update the special microchip , which in the further analysis became useless. Users report that the mentioned screen works without problems on older versions of iOS. After updating to the version marked with the number 11.3, it simply stops responding. The smartphone becomes a brick because it does not respond to any commands. It seems clear that similar problems are now exposed to all the latest smartphones with the logo of a bitten apple, which can accept the upgrade to iOS 11.3 and where the display will change or exchange at an unauthorized point. Some spare parts manufacturers are prepared for this problem. Unfortunately, it involves re-opening the smartphone in order to exchange an unpublished system.

How will Apple react?

We are not sure how Apple can react to the problem. Some websites already claim that they do not intend to exchange smartphones with the problem described. However, whether Apple decides to introduce an update to fix the error is now a question we can think about. Perhaps the Cupertino concern will decide to make such a gesture. Nevertheless, it is not certain at all. The company may well assert that this is why you should exchange at authorized points so that similar situations do not happen. It's worth adding one more thing to consolation. Last year, iPhone 7 users also struggled with the same problem. That's when Apple decided to eliminate it with the help of a small update for iOS. Let's hope it will be the same now. Source: 9to5mac