In the Xiaomi store in Krakow, you can get a promotion in which all Xiaomi products (including smartphones) can buy 8 percent cheaper. We suggest which Xiaomi smartphones you buy at the cheapest on the market.

The opening of the Xiaomi store in Krakow is a big event for all Polish fans of the brand. On the occasion of birth a promotion took place , in which you can buy all products at a price lower by 8 percent . What is worth buying?

Where and when can you use the promotion?

Today, April 7, 2018 . To do this, go to the Xiaomi salon in the Krakow Serenade gallery. Everything you can find in the store is available at a price lower by 8 percent. It is worth to hurry, because stocks are certainly limited. Under the name of each smartphone you will find reviews that appeared in the pages of gsmManiaKa. Let's see what is worth buying in this situation.

Xiaomi smartphones in the promotion

For starters, let's take a look at the prices of Xiaomi smartphones at this distributor. Since the promotion covers everything that is available for sale, of course, we are most interested in smartphones. Are these the best offers on the market?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mi6 in promotion

Let's start with flagships. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is currently the most expensive smartphone from this manufacturer available in Poland. In Ceneo you will find him for PLN 2298 from official partners. In the living room in Krakow, its price is PLN 2499, which after a reduction gives PLN 2299 . So it is not the lowest price on the market, but if you are from Krakow, then you can try to buy on the spot. The offer for the Xiaomi Mi6 looks much better. This normally costs 1797 PLN ( 1770 PLN according to Ceneo ). In the promotion, you can buy it for 1653 zlotys – the best price in the official Polish distribution . It's a smartphone that Damian uses on a daily basis. I invite you to read his review after 9 months of use. Her reading will make sure you should buy it.

Xiaomi snipers in promotion

If you are looking for a smartphone with a great battery and no less screen, then put on Xiaomi Mi Max 2. In Ceneo I found it for PLN 1299 . In the promotion in the Kraków salon, you pay for it for PLN 1287 – so the discount is small, but you will be able to enjoy the device immediately – without waiting for the package. The next one is Xiaomi Mi A1. You can buy this one with 32 GB of data memory in Poland for PLN 889 . The same price applies to Mi Home, but in the promotion you will pay PLN 818. As if not much, but enough even on the case and pizza. A variant with a larger capacity will cost you PLN 900 – the best offer on the market . Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is a smartphone, which you will soon be able to read on gsmManiaKu. Normally costs 899 PLN for 32 GB (3 GB RAM) version and 1099 PLN for more operating memory (4 GB). In the promotion, you can buy it for PLN 827 and PLN 1012, respectively . In both cases, it is the best prices on the Polish market.

Xiaomi salon in Krakow

Promotion for smartphones and other devices is not the only reason why you should go to the Krakow salon Xiaomi in Serenade. I was at his opening and I am impressed by the visit. All smartphones are available in one place. It gives you the opportunity to pick up any of them before buying. At the end of how the smartphone is in your hand you will not learn from any, even the best, review. In my opinion, it is worth to come there, even for this reason.