Virgin Mobile, as the first operator decided to increase the data package under the card offer for PLN 25, and thus wiped the nose of Orange and the rest of the competition. In addition, the virtual operator has introduced new tariff plans that seem to be very attractive.

In fact, I knew that this would end, but I did not think that it would happen so quickly. After the last Orange Polska campaign – the operator decided to introduce changes to the customer's disadvantage and reduced the data packages as unlimited calls and SMSs to all and GB, Virgin Mobile measures the operator's hit and shows that the data packets should be increased , which he did too. In addition, Virgin Mobile refreshed its plans to subscribe. Offers are for new and existing customers.

The new card offer looks very attractive

The new card offer has been named #GIGADAJE . And it is impossible to hide that the name is adequate to the offer, because in deciding to spend PLN 25 , the customer receives: unlimited minutes to all networks and fixed, unlimited SMSs to all networks, as well as 15GB of internet for transfer . To all this, there is also a free transfer for the application: GG, Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Virgin Mobile Activating the #GIGADAJE on the card offer is very easy. All you have to do is buy a new starter or go from the current grid tariff by entering the code * 222 * 25 # . It can also be activated via your own account at Virgin Mobile. The validity of the package is 30 days. However, if the Internet is still too little for you, then there is nothing to prevent you from using a simple additional offer – you can buy 1GB for 1 PLN . All you have to do is enter the USSD * 222 * 25 * 1 # + "green handset" code. This package is valid for a month.

#GIGADAJE vs the big four

Virgin Mobile Orange Play T-Mobile Plus
Offer #GIGADAJE Calls and unlimited SMSs to all and GB SOLO on the card UNLIMITED Limited edition
Charge PLN 25
minutes unlimited
SMS unlimited
MMS pay unlimited
Internet 15GB 10GB 10GB / 6GB

Time, therefore, for a subscription offer

New tariff plans as part of the Virgin Mobile subscription offer are primarily a larger number of gigabytes for data transmission . To use the new plans, you have to contract with the operator for 24 months. Within the available plans (depending on the plan), you can receive: unlimited calls, SMSs and MMSs to all and a large number of gigabytes – up to 30GB. In addition, a data pool for roaming in the EU is available in each of the plans.

Plan1 plan2 Plan3
Charge PLN 19 PLN 29 PLN 39
Minutes to all networks unlimited
Minutes per stationary unlimited
SMS unlimited
MMS unlimited
Internet 9 GB (including 1.23 GB when roaming in the EU) 20 GB (including 1.87 GB roaming in the EU) 30 GB (including 2.52 GB roaming in the EU)

Those who would like to pay less for subsequent numbers can still merge into groups of two to five numbers. The group offer will be available only with Plan 2 for 24 months. In addition, you will pay only PLN 14.50 for each subsequent issue in the group. You can create up to four of these groups.