If you are interested in which smartphone manufacturers sell the most of their devices in Poland, check this entry. I think you will not be surprised. I also encourage you to participate in our survey. The question is simple: did you buy a smartphone last year, and if so, what brand?

In 2017, 5 producers were counted on the Polish market

IDC Polska has prepared a summary of data from which we can find out which smartphone manufacturers reigned in our country in 2017. It turns out that over 8.8 million smartphones have been sold in Poland within 12 months . This means more than a 10% increase year-on-year. As we could expect – the majority, as many as 91.5% of smartphones sold in 2017 were Android devices. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/823764/przywiazanie-do-producenta-smartfony/ Only five producers counted in our country. IDC Polska reports that in the 4th quarter of 2017, Samsung had 39.1% shares and was thus the most popular producer in the country on the Vistula . The Chinese were in the second place. Huawei ended the year with a 24.9% market share. Apple was the third (8.7%). Next places were taken by LG (6.7%) and Xiaomi (6.2%). As much as 14.5% of market shares belonged to producers thrown into one bag with the words "other". It is also worth paying attention to Xiaomi, which in a moment may break LG in our country. Madness for solutions from this manufacturer may soon be able to bite further companies from higher positions.

Android is growing all the time

It seems that the share of Android in Poland is constantly growing. In 2017, it increased by 4 points. rates. The iOS came in second with 8.5%. It should not surprise anyone, because it is much easier to buy cheaper equipment, which is usually driven by the Google solution. Nevertheless, the announcement says that we are more likely to buy more expensive smartphones.

Poles spend more money on smartphones

IDC Polska indicates that in 2017 more than half of all devices sold were smartphones from the price range from 500 to 1000 PLN . Earlier we bought more slightly cheaper headphones. At this point, the statistics show that Poles are more willingly reaching for more expensive solutions. Especially that over three-quarters of all devices on the market belong to the producers who are the market leaders. Every year, they also issue new flagships, for which Poles are increasingly looking around.


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