Project Nokia Note – unusual tabfon

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note was one of the most interesting mobile devices offered by the Korean manufacturer. He lived to see even a successor and there are indications that it has initiated a new trend in the industry. A developer decided to use the popularity of this equipment and the name recognition, but his project has used a different brand – Nokia. What are the effects?

Project Nokia Note / Fig.

Project Nokia Note / Fig.

Mohammad Mahdi Azimi decided to present via the service Note Nokia smartphone concept. The designer did not focus on hardware specifications (refers only to the 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels and stylusie), because this and this could change quickly. The most interesting element of this project is removable music player. We are dealing with an idea reminiscent of the ASUS PadFone device, but in slightly different sizes and configurations. Unfortunately, the author did not specify how the two modules would work together, but you have to admit-tabfon unusual that the graphics look quite interesting.

Project Nokia Note / Fig.

How to comment on this idea? If the equipment went on the market, you'd be interested in him? Source:

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