Huawei does what it can to overtake Samsung and Apple in the race for the leader in the smartphone market. Perhaps the Chinese will attack the new generation phone faster than we would expect.

Huawei is third, but wants to be first

Huawei is currently the third largest player on the smartphone market. The Chinese are constantly trying to break through the next stakes in the ranking, in order to dethrone Apple and Samsung. The company is constantly trying to expand its activities and introduce innovative products. It is difficult to say whether, for example, the Huawei P20 smartphone series is innovative – in the end, these phones look like the iPhone X. However, the situation looks different in terms of the camera – here Huawei went the band and guaranteed us a great camera, and other manufacturers high bar suspended.

Foldable Huawei smartphone with a good finish

Huawei has the potential to create a foldable smartphone. What's more, the company can aspire to be the first producer to launch this type of solution on the consumer market. Huawei's CEO has confirmed some time ago that the Chinese are working on a new generation smartphone with a flexible display. When all problems are solved, this model will go on sale. It is not known when it will happen. It is interesting, however, that Huawei patented its own hinge mechanism that would allow folding / unfolding the smartphone. After unfolding it would become a tablet. In the case of the Huawei solution, the hinge would be covered with a flexible display. It looks really good.

fot. LetsGoDigital

fot. LetsGoDigital

Huawei, Samsung, LG, Apple and Microsoft – who will be the first?

It does not matter which of the above-mentioned manufacturers will introduce a smartphone with a flexible display as the first. The one who will do it right will win. I am sure that if in the next years there is no "something unprecedented" it is again the future trends for Apple. It has been rumored for at least half a year that Apple is already working on an iPhone with a folding screen. We should expect its premieres only after 2020. The only option to speed up the work of the Cupertino concern may be the imminent launch of a smartphone with a flexible display from Samsung or Huawei. Both companies are said to have advanced prototypes of such devices that still cherish. There are many indications that Samsung will be the first. The folded Galaxy would appear in the spring of 2019 . LG at this rate also counts, but I do not think it should be the first. Chances for this are small. I would like Microsoft to be a black horse of this race with its folding Andromeda. I'm afraid, however, that the giant from Redmond will sleep his chance again and eventually give up the project. In this case, he already has a lot of experience;) Source: Let'sGoDigital , own study