Play was the first operator on the Polish market to introduce the latest smartphone HTC – HTC Desire 12, which is offered only in the black version. You can buy the phone in two ways. Meet the prices of Desire 12 in Play.

Not so long ago two new smartphones from the Desire family debuted – HTC Desire 12 and HTC Desire 12+. Both models are equipped with displays with 18: 9 aspect ratios and are aimed at the average price range. The first of them, and therefore Desire 12 appeared in the online store Play network, where you can buy it in two ways – without a contract or with a subscription offer.

HTC Desire 12 in Play

HTC Desire 12 Play HTC Desire 12 in the online store Play, you can buy as part of the pre-sale offer, where it was valued at 749 PLN . The smartphone is therefore cheaper by 50 zlotys, relative to the suggested retail price set by the manufacturer. The operator informs that the shipment of ordered products will take place after 03/04/2018. However, if you prefer to buy HTC Desire 12 with a subscription offer, then Play also gives this opportunity. The prices are as follows:

Tariff plan First payment for HTC Desire 12 Subscription
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 449 PLN 60
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 249 70 PLN
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 39 PLN 80
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 90 PLN
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 100 zloty
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 PLN 120
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 PLN 130
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 PLN 150
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 180 PLN
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 PLN 200
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 PLN 230
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 PLN 250
Solo Unlimited Condition PLN 1 270 PLN

What does HTC Desire 12 offer?

HTC Desire 12 is a cheap smartphone with a screen size of 18: 9 , on which the image is displayed in HD + resolution, and therefore 1440 x 720 pixels. The display made in IPS technology has a diagonal of 5.5 ". It is surrounded by narrow frames, although not the narrowest on the market. Due to the valuation, there is no reason to complain. In addition, HTC used 2.5D glass, providing even more pleasure to use. The smartphone has been equipped with an assistant HTC Sense Companion, which analyzes the user's activities, behaviors and habits and suggests what should be done to use the smartphone more efficiently and save time . The assistant is also able to recommend a restaurant or advise that it is time for warmer clothes. It is not perfect, but it is useful. His heart is MediaTek MT6739 composed of a 4-core processor and the PowerVR GE8100 graphics system. SoC works with 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal memory has been reserved for data.

Is it worth buying HTC Desire 12 in Play?

As part of the monthly commitment of PLN 60, the one-off fee for HTC Desire 12 will amount to PLN 449. After making calculations, it comes out that the subscription will amount to almost PLN 47.5 per month , and the remaining amount is the installment for the smartphone. However, if you choose a monthly commitment in the amount of PLN 80, you will pay PLN 39 for a smartphone at one time. Making analogous calculations, it turns out that the actual cost of the subscription is PLN 50.4. Solo's offer The Unlimited Condition includes :

  • Internet without GB limit
  • Unlimited SMSs / MMSs to all cellular networks
  • Unlimited minutes for all cellular networks
  • Unlimited minutes per stationary
  • PLAY NOW – basic package
  • Tidal – music for free for 24 months, after the promotion period you pay 19.99 PLN / mo
  • ShowMax – 3 months free of charge, then 19.90 PLN / month with the possibility of shutting down

It turns out that in the case of HTC Desire 12 it is not worth associating with the operator a two-year contract , if of course you have the option of buying this model from free sale or installment system.