Apple released iOS 11.3. Unfortunately, for now, only iPads owners can download it. Even here, you need the latest equipment that has just been put up for sale.

iOS 11.3 awaited yesterday, when Apple had a conference for education. Unfortunately, the new system did not appear.

iOS 11.3 only for the sixth generation iPad

Apple officially released the iOS 11.3 update. Unfortunately, currently the update is available only for download for users of the sixth generation iPad. Here is a small curiosity – this model was presented on March 27 in Chicago. The same day it went on sale, but the first copies will appear at the door of the people who ordered it – at the earliest at the end of this week. In addition, the device is still not available for purchase in stores. iOS 11.3 can be downloaded by going to Settings and then selecting the General tab – Updates.

What's new in iOS 11.3?

iOS 11.3 brings a lot of new products. The most important of them are the highly anticipated iMessages in iCloud , the ability to disable the iPhone's slowing mechanism or ARKit 1.5, thanks to which applications using the augmented reality will have access to new possibilities. A full list of changes will appear here when Apple decides to spend iOS 11.3 on iPhones.

When will iOS 11.3 appear for the iPhone?

This is a good question that we do not know the answer to. It is not even known why iOS 11.3 appeared earlier for the iPad and only the sixth generation. However, the fact that this happened heralds the imminent release of this version of the system for the remaining models in the near future. Maybe iOS 11.3 will be available by the end of this week . Apple also announced at the conference that in its plans there is still the release of iOS 11.4 later this year. The article will be updated on a regular basis when new information appears on this matter. Source: MacRumors , own study