Samsung joined companies that work on wireless device charging that would not require contact with an additional component. Will we get such functionality in the near future?

Wireless charging is currently just a slogan

Wireless charging sounds much better than induction charging. At least for me, because it reminds me of charging devices just like that – without the need to put them in a special place. The truth is that wireless charging can be treated in two ways and marketers are willing to use it. When the device is placed on an induction mat and we do not connect any cables to it, it is recharged wirelessly. Looking from yet another side – the docking station / mat is still connected to the power source by cable . And where is this wonderful wireless ? For now, there is nothing we can do with the fact that the whole looks just like that. Nevertheless, this may change soon.

Samsung will create the wireless charging we've been dreaming about?

According to the latest patent, which has just been published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Samsung is actively looking for the possibility of creating and presenting OTA (Over The Air) wireless charging . Thus, the Koreans want to join the fight against, among others Disney, which also develops its own technologies. The patent was filed in South Korea. You can not run away from cables, so again we have an idea that puts the panel connected to power. The magic is happening further, when the device appears in the range of the panel. It would automatically start to take energy from the place mentioned above. You would not need any pad / dock / mat and special arrangement of your smartphone or other equipment in one place.

fot. WIPO

fot. WIPO

When will such wireless charging appear?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer unequivocally. At this point, we can only be sure that at least a few companies in the world are working on the creation of technology that will allow you to use devices charging immediately if they are within reach of the appropriate location. Will Samsung be the first company that massively commercializes this type of solution? It is not known. It seems clear, however, that the Koreans patent outlines the future that will come to fruition sooner or later. We can not give you the exact date of the premiere of wireless charging for the 21st century. However, assuming a successful development of the work on the discussed solution – it is possible that it would appear on the market in 3-5 years. So we can look for it after 2020 … and it's not that distant future. Source: WIPO , own study