One of the churches goes with the times and is not afraid to take new ways to put money on the tray. Why take out the cash if we can bring the smartwatch closer, right?

Behind the technology you have to keep up, and the church does not want to be worse

One of the churches (I remind you that there are many) wants to encourage young parishioners to participate in mass meetings. It would not be surprising if it were not for the changes that can be made permanently for this purpose. Speech of the Church of England (Church of England), which is one of the oldest and largest of Anglican churches. So far collecting the so-called the sacrifice for the tray was the same as anywhere in the world – cash was collected, which the faithful threw into a basket or a tray with which the priest walked around the church. From now on, the faithful will be able to share money through a transaction using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

A revolution from which we will laugh … but unnecessarily

It looks like maybe a small revolution is coming soon. For many years, the Church has been against technologies. The Anglican branch, however, takes the first step to ensure that the glued patch ceases to exist. Today everyone has a smartphone (priests as well). Many people have a smartwatch, and the Google Pay and Apple Pay services are more and more widely available and readily used. Facilitating the faithful to make donations is not a careless approach . Of course, before such a change comes in for good, it will take a long time. For now, tests of such possibilities are underway. Let's also remember that it is still an Anglican church, not a Catholic one. This is a good step, but many will be happy with it. I'm not surprised at it because seeing something like this:

You pay for the baptism through Apple Pay

It makes us feel unpleasant. We are not used to it and we have a different approach. Let's add the fee for the elements that make up the faith and the mix of mixed emotions is bricked up. Meanwhile, this payment program has already been introduced in 40 churches. With Apple Pay and Google Pay, the faithful will be able to pay for weddings, baptisms and other events that they want to use. If that was not enough, the Anglican Church is testing new solutions during services. As much as you would like to say that no one will excuse himself saying that he has only a card with him;)

The change will not come in too fast

The truth is that we will not witness a similar change in the Catholic church in any immediate time . It is also worth emphasizing that the system under test in England now also has limitations. One of them is the fact that sacrifice in a modern way takes longer than putting a coin or banknote into a tray. Source: BBC