It looks like Apple is planning to revive the tablet segment again. Rumor has it that we will see at least two new iPads this year. One of them may be an 11-inch version that will appear in the coming weeks.

Two new iPads in 2018?

The first rumors about a refreshed iPad Pro have appeared a few months ago. Later, the atmosphere was heated by a well-known analyst from KGI Securities – Ming-Chi Kuo. For now, we can not be sure of anything 100%, but in making rumors into a whole – we get two new iPads that will appear this year. Apparently their premiere is to take place at the WWDC 2018 conference. Some people think that this will happen during the conference this month, which is scheduled for March 27. I myself think that the premiere in June is more likely in this case.

iPad Pro, like the iPhone X

The most important change in both models will be the implementation of Face ID technology , i.e. 3D face recognition. We got to know this functionality during the premiere of the iPhone X. Currently, we do not know if Apple wants to put on the same design as on a smartphone. Perhaps the iPads will receive a notch in the screen. On the other hand – it does not have to be like that at all. The Taiwanese Economic Daily News reported recently that one of the iPads will receive narrower frames.

11-inch iPad … And what is it to whom?

The reports show that these narrowed frames will allow you to increase the working area to 11-inches. The new iPad is supposed to resemble a 10.5-inch version. Therefore, we can be sure that the new version will replace this device. It's hard for me to imagine that both solutions will remain on offer. And what could the 11-inch model be useful for? Exactly for the same applications as the 10.5-inch version. It would be a handy tablet for people who would not want to use a laptop.

Residual specification of new iPads Pro

I believe that we can count on a few new products, but the most important will be two. One of them will be just an 11-inch model. The second – refreshment of the 12.9-inch version. Both iPads will receive the A11X processor along with the TrueDepth camera module, i.e. Face ID. The new SoC will have 8 cores and will probably be produced by the Taiwanese company TSMC in a 7-nanometer process . The new chip will receive a M11 coprocessor and a neural engine that will allow you to perform processes, artificial intelligence tasks and Face ID. That's it for residual specification, which we should rather be sure about.

This is not the end of changes in the offer

I am sure that we can count on two new iPads, which I mentioned above. They will become the leading tablets in the offer, as will the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro. However, other sources indicate that there will also be a refreshment of the 9.7-inch iPad . This one will probably be cheaper (it will cost under $ 300), so that it is easy to penetrate the market. I would expect changes here only under the hood.

iPad – the king that drives others

Apple is well aware that actually from the very beginning pushing this trolley with the word "tablets". When the iPad appeared, we had a tablet craze. Various companies have started to add such devices to their offer. Currently, only a few important manufacturers remain on the battlefield in this segment . Statistics show clearly that the iPad is still in power – despite the ever-decreasing interest in this type of devices. I think that this situation will not change for the next few years. Source: EDN , own study