On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Orange network, Orange Polska has a free internet package of 20GB for customers.

Twenty years ago, Idea's mobile network was launched in Poland, which in 2005 changed its name to Orange Polska. On the occasion of the round jubilee, the operator prepared a bonus for all users of mobile offers – 20 GB of internet for everyone .

What is this action?

20 GB on the 20th anniversary of the Idea / Orange network is the latest promotional campaign prepared by the mobile network operator on the occasion of the anniversary on the Polish market. As part of the promotion, the operator has for all subscribers, as well as those using business offers, and offers on the card a 20GB Internet package, which after activation is valid for 30 calendar days. The package is activated within 24 hours from the moment the operator accepts the activation order. The operator will inform about the activation of the promotional package via SMS.

How to activate the bonus?

To receive a free internet package, send a text message to 80820, content 20 . The cost of the SMS is in accordance with the applicable price list of the Subscriber's services. You can also activate the packet on the number on which only the data transmission service is provided. To do this, send a message with the content 20naNUMER (where NUMER stands for the nine-digit mobile Internet number on which the data service is provided) for the free number 80820. Screenshot_20180314-204447

How to check the status and validity of the bonus?

To check the status of the bonus simply log in to your account at www.orange.pl, and also directly in the My Orange application. If, however, you use the card offer, the status and validity of the promotional data packet can be additionally checked by sending a text message with the text DATA TO DATE 901 (cost of an SMS: 20 gr).

Do you need more information?

If you need more information about the promotional offer "20 GB on the 20th anniversary of the Idea / Orange network, I encourage you to read the regulations of the promotional campaign, which you can find under this link – Promotional Regulations 20 GB on the 20th anniversary of the Idea Orange network. At the end, I will only add that the bonus can be activated during the promotion period, from 14/03/2018 to 12/04/2018 .