I have been watching Koreans for a long time and I am tracking their activities almost daily in the context of software development and providing updates to users. While in the case of security patches is not bad, so on other issues Samsung falls simply embarrassing.

I would not be myself if I did not start with a pretty big accusation: just watch how much you had to wait for Samsung to deliver Android Oreo to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. I will answer before you check – very long. The case is similar to the Note 8 phablet, which debuted last year and is further referred to in its settings 7.0. I saw the latest list about updates for individual models and how Oreo for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for spring / summer this year I can explain, so the presence of the smartphone Galaxy A8 (2018) in a drawer with the words " Later in 2018 " I will simply leave without comment. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/819146/samsung-galaxy-s9-przedsprzedaz-statystyki/ I observe the situation related to smartphone updates practically on a regular basis and I know who, when and where gets the latest version of the system. Before Samsung, a large number of producers have provided Oreo to their flags and more. While the Koreans actually make my Galaxy S7 have current security patches every month, it's simply unacceptable to play on the patience of those paying for the latest flagship . I would even say that it is a particular shame considering the prices of these smartphones, and secondly the prestige of the brand itself. After all, we know who is in the first place in all rankings. From sales statistics, through shares, interest from customers and so on and so on. In some Samsung, Apple only gives way. How is it that a company flattening coconuts on the mobile market is not able to fasten up and quickly update its flagships ? Yes, I really like Samsung. I like the design of phones, overlay possibilities and a great camera in the flagship smartphones of this brand. There are many advantages. But it is the Koreans' approach to supporting their devices that tilted the scales – next year, Pixel will almost buy it without hesitation . As long as it is still available in Polish distribution. Google devices have a brilliant camera, pure Android and above all they give a substitute of what iOS users feel – I mean the update on the same day that the manufacturer promised. Samsung, be ashamed. If you want to be a leader and a monopolist in the world of Android, then you have to try harder.