If you want to buy a smartphone at a good price, preferably in some interesting promotion, then look at my review of the best offers in Polish stores. I hope that you will find something for yourself here and by the way you will save a bit.

Today we have the first Sunday without trade. The vast majority of stationary stores are closed. However, this does not apply to online stores where we can still order goods, and shipments are still carried out on business days. If today you are looking for a smartphone for yourself, counting on good prices and interesting promotions, in one place I have collected the best, current offers for smartphones. The market is huge, and the stores are not lacking, so I decided to limit myself only to those that sell phones as part of the official Polish distribution . I will look at offers of various types of importers on another occasion. There will be only one exception from the rule I have accepted, as the promotion is really great. It is from her that I will start this entry.

Galaxy S8 for 439 euros (~ 1840 zlotys)

s8-mediamarkt A unique promotion is the German Media Markt offer, which overestimated all Galaxy S8 color variants at 439 euros , which, after a direct conversion, gives us approx. 1840 zlotys. Even without looking at the price comparison, I know that we can not find a better offer in any Polish online store: neither in the official distribution , nor at importers . In our country, for the money we can get at most Galaxy S7 Edge , so let the scale of this promotion speak for itself. Unfortunately, German Media Markt does not offer shipping to Poland, so it is primarily a promotion for those people who can order a smartphone to a German address. An alternative option is to use the service Mailboxde , which will involve an additional fee. The specific amount depends on many factors, but roughly you will need to pay some 20-25 euros (less than 100 zlotys).

Galaxy S8 + for PLN 2899

Zrzut ekranu (559) We're coming back to Poland, but we're still at Samsung. If instead of Galaxy S8 you are looking for Galaxy S8 + and you count on a good offer from Poland, then look at the OleOle store! It offers Galaxy S8 + in Orchid Gray for PLN 2899 , which according to Ceneo is the best offer in the official distribution . This store also participates in the Hello new campaign ! thanks to which you can count on a maximum of 1720 PLN refund for the current smartphone.

e-Sunday is open to great occasions

Fot. RTV Euro AGD

Fot. RTV Euro AGD

The special promotional action on the occasion of Sunday without trade was prepared by online store RTV Euro AGD . Thanks to this, at lower prices, we will buy various types of equipment, of course smartphones . The action lasts only until 12/03/2018 (at 08:45) or while stocks last.

Asus ZenFone 3 for PLN 799

By far the best offer is discounted Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE520KL) , sold at a sensational price of 799 PLN . It's the lowest price on the market , and the smartphone itself is really worth recommending, especially at such a good price. You can read all its advantages in our ZenFone 3. review.

Other smartphones in the promotion

The following phones also take part in the promotion:

Let me remind you that some stores of the Galaxy A8 can be bought even cheaper.

Promotion for smartphones at RTV Euro AGD

I remind you that at RTV Euro AGD there is still promotion for smartphones with a discount of 650 PLN. Details in the entry below: https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/818300/promocja-rtv-euro-agd-smartfony/

36h Mega opportunity

mega-okazje-media-expert There is a promotion in Media Expert 36h Mega opportunity . In the case of smartphones most interesting to us, 111 models were discounted , and their full list can be found on the Media Expert website . The discount is granted after using the MEGA-OKAZJA-10-03 rebate code, and the entire action lasts until 12/02/2018 at 08:59 or while stocks last.

LG V30 at a lower price

Fot. LG

Fot. LG

In the end, what everyone has predicted – the LG V30 has a sizable price reduction . After PLN 3799, there was not even a trace left. In places like Media Markt , Saturn or OleOle! , the purchase of LG V30 is currently associated with an expenditure of PLN 2799 . I remind you that in these two first stores we will buy a new LG V30 Raspberry Rose.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro for PLN 2,749

Since the topic of fast-wiping smartphones has appeared, Huawei Mate 10 Pro could not be missing from this post. This great flagship (probably the best in the history of Huawei) could not keep the initial price for too long and now in most stores we will get it for less than PLN 3,000 . Meanwhile, in the Electro store, the EL18CKS3 discount code allows you to lower the price of the brown Huawei Mate 10 Pro to PLN 2749 . The Huawei flagship participates in the Christmas promotion, so the code provided by me lowers the prices of other smartphones at the Electro store. Their full list can be found on the promotion page .

Huawei Mate 9 for PLN 1999

Huawei Mate 9 is a smartphone from 2016, which still holds quite a good form. However, the internship does its job and this model slowly disappears from Polish stores. Soon we will not buy it, for example in x-kom. This store organized a promotion on the last pieces of selected devices , reducing the price of the zloty Huawei Mate 9 to PLN 1999 . The number of copies is very limited, so I would advise you to hurry with any purchase. The price is reduced by the last-art code. The promotion is valid only until 16/03/2018 or until the product limit has been reached. One person can purchase only one item of each promotional product.

HTC U11 for 2099 PLN


Honor 9 Lite for PLN 879

Honor 9 Lite went to Polish stores several days ago, valued at a reasonable amount of PLN 999. This short period was enough for the first promotions on this model to appear. Currently, the most profitable choice is blue Honor 9 Lite, available for PLN 879 in stores such as Media Expert , Electro and Avans .

Motorola Moto E4 + for PLN 599

Zrzut ekranu (561) They are not alone in flagships and maniaK, so it's time to promote a cheap model. In the Moreles store, the phone Motorola Moto E4 + in gold is sold for 599 PLN , or at the lowest price on the market . Sklep Morele boasts the Partner Select ISV Motorola certificate – thanks to him we are sure that the equipment is original, comes from legal distribution and has a guarantee in the Republic of Poland.

TP-Link Neffos X1 Lite for PLN 439

Zrzut ekranu (560) Neffos X1 Lite from TP-Link is one of the best smartphones for less than 500 zlotys, which, without being ashamed, competes with similarly priced Xiaomi smartphones, winning with them in some fields. Currently, the most interesting offer for this model is Media Expert. Until March 13 , the shop offers a special discount , thanks to which you can buy Neffos X1 Lite for 439 PLN , or at the lowest price on the market . To use the promotion, you only need to add the product to the cart .

Xiaomi Redmi 4A for PLN 399

Zrzut ekranu (563) The biggest competitor of Neffosa X1 Lite is Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Among the Polish offers for this phone, I distinguish the OleOle! Promotion, where version 32 GB in gray is available for 399 PLN . We will get a model with 16 GB of memory for this price.

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