Google Lens is a slightly forgotten novelty from an American company. Until now, the feature was available only for Pixel devices, but it also started to target other Android smartphones. Will it gain popularity? I hope because it is a very useful tool.

Google Lens is an add-on to the camera application that was presented just a moment ago – more specifically during last year's I / O conference. Polish users could forget about the solution, because until now it was intended only for owners of Pixel smartphones . It turns out that the American company, however, went to the head of the mind and wants that anyone who owns an Android smartphone can use Google Lens. You're probably wondering what Lens gives you, which is not the usual "camera". I am eager to explain. YouTube Preview Image Google Lens streamlines the entire process of processing multimedia content and increases the comfort of using a smartphone. For example, thanks to the application, we can scan someone's business card and soon it will appear to us directly in the address book of the smartphone. Lens can also recognize characters, objects or even give us information about buildings and attractions that are nearby . All you need to do is slide your camera to the place or text you are interested in and almost immediately you will know more. The whole uses Google assistant and artificial intelligence algorithms. And here comes the problem. At the moment, Google Assistant does not work very well in our country, so Google Lens will work, but will only return answers in English. Wait, this is not the end! There is hope. We already know that throughout this year, Google Assistant will learn our language, response to commands and refresh the interface to be even more affordable. And this is the best information in all of this. If we are patient, it will certainly be rewarded. Will you use this app? I definitely do – especially during trips.