The end of Windows 10 Mobile does not mean that Microsoft has abandoned the smartphone market. The company earns a lot on the distribution of Android smartphones. When will we see an Android Microsoft smartphone?

For Polish users it is rather unusual, but in the US Microsoft deals in the sale of smartphones. Of course, I do not mean models with Windows that lose their functions day by day. It's about Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and, interestingly, Razer Phone.

The end of Windows Mobile

It is no surprise to anyone that Windows 10 Mobile is already in the dustbin of history . It turned out to be a very unsuccessful experiment (unfortunately), but for me it's the most interesting mobile system I've seen in the last decade. It had everything I needed, given in a clear and convenient form. It is a pity that Microsoft did not succeed in better cooperation with software developers. This does not mean, however, that the company no longer wants to have anything to do with smartphones – on the contrary .

HP Elite x3 / fot.

HP Elite x3 / fot.

Microsoft currently has only two models with Windows – HP Elite X3 and Alcatel Idol 4S. Interestingly, the second Americans can buy for really good money, but probably no one does. Microsoft is earning much more on the sale of Android smartphones than with its own system. Is there a method in this madness?

Samsung the driving force?

It looks. Microsoft, however, is equally committed to iOS, developing its applications so that the iPhones work the best. It seems clear, however, that they will not deal with their distribution, and in this situation only Android remains the candidate. Still in the top position on the smartphone operating system market. Samsung-Galaxy-S8-i-Galaxy-S8-plus-2 For several years, cooperation with the Korean manufacturer has been growing more and more, and Samsung Galaxy are sold in the Microsoft Edition . If you have a different device and you want to use the environment that the company from Redmond has prepared, then nothing stands in the way. I tested the Microsoft Launcher overlay for some time and I have to admit that it was quite a pleasant experience – especially if you had Lumia for a long time.

We failed, it's time to move on

So in one sentence, you can determine the way Microsoft approached his failure. They see the future on Android phones , and more and more companies will be interested in cooperation. The United States is a specific, though huge market. Huawei and Xiaomi have found out about it, which, despite the fact that they make very good phones, they have no start for Samsung and Apple. Microsoft's position can help them – and not only them. How do you see the future of Microsoft on the smartphone market? Will the time come for your own superflagship? Source: phonearena