People with an Android smartphone, as usual, had to wait longer for the premiere of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition. The game finally hit the Play Store and see what you can expect from it.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition debuted in the middle of last year on devices with an apple in the logo. As usual, the owners of equipment with a green robot were more vulnerable, but the situation eventually leveled out. The game went to the Play Store and you can download it, however, you have to be focused on the fact that in the free version the game will be limited. The manufacturer used a similar trick as Nintendo in the case of Super Mario Run. Just pay once (in this case 4.99 dollars) and the game will be fully unlocked. I think it's a fair move, because we can check it for free anyway. YouTube Preview Image In Street Fighter IV Champion Edition you will find 32 fighters to choose from and several individual game modes. The creators also allowed to play on the network and optimized the control so that the smartphones played in a simple way – if not, you can always connect an additional controller to your phone. The Street Fighter version for Android, however, has one major advantage over the iOS version. In this case, you can play the game with friends who are sitting next to you – only smartphones and connecting to the same Wi-Fi network are enough. Unfortunately, the game does not support Chromecast or Android TV , also from a large screen … threads. It's a pity. It is very possible that this type of option will appear in the mentioned production in the near future. Game download from here . It remains to be hoped that in the title we will see improvements along with time. Of course, if a large number of users decide to spend their money on the new Street Fighter.