The launch of the new Google operating system is fast approaching. Further tips from AOSP and software code reveal that Android P can wait for a feature that will be useful for owners of some smartphones. What is going on?

For a long time now we have heard that Android will be in "Dark Mode" mode or if you prefer "night mode" . Information on this subject appears in the context of each release of the new Google software – fortunately, a large number of manufacturers allows you to change the theme, but still has nothing to do with the native function, which could allow changing the colors throughout the system interface. However, the latest changes discovered in AOSP reveal that it is Android 9.0 that can finally bring the change desired by many. From the new release of the software, Google would optimize the system to work best, depending on which display we use. This is more specifically about more and more popular technologies such as OLED. In the next few years, LCD displays in mobile devices will go away, and it is no secret that OLEDs are doing fantastically with black and generally dark colors. Displaying content through the Android interface, which would be adapted to dark colors and OLED screens could allow us to save battery, but first of all everything – it would simply look better . Each of the technologies associated with displays has its advantages and disadvantages, but an individual adjustment of the display software would be a really great idea. It's hard to say whether the night mode will actually go to Android P and how Google intends to develop this function further. Confirmation can be found only in May, during the I / O conference, however, more and more leaks about the new green robot shows that the scene marked with the number 9.0 can be really interesting. Source: AOSP