Qualcomm in addition to processors also took on modules that are equally important in the context of smartphone work. Wi-Fi 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.1 are approaching. What will we gain from their implementation? See for yourself.

It's been a long time since the manufacturers presented solutions in the field of wireless communication. Qualcomm, as usual, decided to go ahead and officially announced its new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips: they were labeled as Wi-Fi 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.1 respectively . Changes to the older generation of electronics are so big that we will gain a lot from implementing the modules mentioned above. Let's take a new Wi-Fi chip at first glance. First of all, it will be noticeably faster than its predecessor, but this is not the most important information. You will definitely like the fact that Wi-Fi 802.11ax will be able to consume up to 67% less smartphone energy during operation – this is fantastic news, because the whole, as usual, will translate into longer work on a single charge. Bluetooth 5.1 is a chip that has already been implemented into one of the Qualcomm headphones that we could see at the CES in Las Vegas. Bluetooth 5.1 brings even better sound quality, virtually zero delays and of course, as you already know, less energy consumption from the predecessor. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/725838/qualcom-aptx-jak-dziala/ Both the new Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth are to hit the next generation of Qualcomm mobile processors – Snapdragon 855 . We know little about this system, but probably specific information about it will appear in the second half, if not at the end of this year. Smartphones are already doing very well with the management of wireless connections and these actions do not result in tragic drainage of the battery – so it will only be better. If the producers wanted to decide to put bigger batteries in the phones … Source: Qualcomm